Student blog: How to keep your bathroom clean

Hello, my name is Pheobe, and I’m a Law (LLM) postgraduate student at the University of Kent. I’m here to share some of my cleaning tips and tricks, to keep your bathroom looking a feeling fresh in minutes!


First and foremost, if you’re anything like me, then it’s important to keep any of your personal spaces (bedroom and bathroom included) clean and tidy for your mental well-being. Tidy environment = a tidy mind!

No one wants to spend hours scrubbing their bathroom, so I’m going to let you in on how I clean my bathroom in 15 minutes max!

For your bathroom, I would recommend using an antibacterial spray. Again, there are plenty of brands you can use, I use Aldi’s own brand because it’s cheap, effective and smells amazing. I also recommend wiping down the surfaces before spraying the anti-bac because it makes for easier removal of dust and hairs. I am a big fan of microfiber cloths because you can put them in the wash instead of keep buying disposable wipes/cloths, but that’s a personal preference.

So that’s pretty much it for a simple clean. But, if you want to give your bathroom a bit more of a deep clean, as and when, then here are where my tips and tricks come in handy. This is not a brand endorsement, but I definitely recommend purchasing the pink stuff cleaning paste. I’m simply just recommending one of my favourite brands to use because it’s cheap and gets the job done. It’s wonderful for removing stubborn marks, I use it to scrub the grime that builds up around the taps and shower drains. Just give it a wipe over with a damp cloth once you’ve worked the paste into your target area (it’s great for cleaning cooking stoves too!).

Cleaning products in a bucket

Another thing to note is the moisture in bathrooms leads to the growth of mould. They are damp environments and don’t always have the best ventilation. But don’t panic if the mould removal spray is out of your price range, white vinegar is also good for removing mould. I use it on my shower seals, I scrub it on lightly with a toothbrush (I have a toothbrush dedicated to cleaning) and let it sit for a while (I usually forget and then just wipe it away when I remember). Repeat the process if needed, and it should help. Just keep in mind that vinegar doesn’t smell the nicest!

Please keep in mind that these little tricks work for me, but they may not work for you. Cleaning your own space is ultimately all about trial and error, especially if you’re new to cleaning. Just try to stay on top of things so it doesn’t build and build, that’s when it will be difficult and feel overwhelming.

Good luck with uni and I hope you find this blog helpful!