ResLife Sports Cup highlights: Beatsaber

The ResLife Sports Cup took to Darwin Conference Suite for an afternoon of virtual reality (VR).

Students took on the challenge of playing Beat Saber, a VR rhythm game similar to Fruit Ninja, only this time players have to swipe at blocks coming at them in rhythm with the music.

Check it out:

The set-up was such that students waiting for their go could watch the others perform on the projector screens. Initially tentative to go first, everyone quickly found themselves enjoying the game and wanting more game time. Previous scores and records were being beaten song after song after song.

Although some students had previously experienced using a VR headset, everyone was able to have a great time. Unfortunately on this occasion, the event did not muster up enough interest for the event to be scored and added to the ResLife Sports Cup’s overall results. Instead, the Sports Development Team decided to keep the event as a fun freebie. The team will look to offer more VR experiences in the future.

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