ResLife Sports Cup highlights: Archery

Our Sports Development team pulled some strings this month, inviting the Archery Club to deliver an archery session to students living on campus.

The session took place in the Sports Centre, hosting students from Park Wood, Darwin, Keynes, Rutherford and Woolf Colleges. Students were all given a safety briefing before channelling their inner Robin Hood, independently shooting arrows at a target.

Following a practice run, students were given two arrows to shoot from the 10m line. From this distance, Woolf College got straight to the point, scoring a total 30pts. Although Park Wood had the biggest representation at the event, aiming to prove a point, they fell short of expectations and finished in last place. To up the stakes, teams moved back to the 14m line, shooting another two arrows per player in an attempt to hit the bullseye. All teams found the added 4m distance to have its drawbacks, though Darwin College proved to be unstoppabow, with another successful round.

Working with arrowminded accuracy Woolf fletched the most points, leaving the other colleges quivering. Darwin and Keynes College finished 2nd and 3rd, Rutherford took 4th place and Park Wood missed the mark somewhat, taking 5thplace.

A massive thank you to the Archery Club for delivering a safe and fun session which really hit the mark with our students!

Why not join us for the next ResLife Sports Cup event, Beat Saber on Thursday 28 March 24 from 15:00 – 16:00. Find out more on our website.