Four ways to save money when living on campus

Coins being put into piggy bank

We’re all counting our pennies, bargain hunting and trying to find the best value right now.

There is lots of great advice online for students about how to save money and cut costs right now. So we’re not going to reinvent the wheel there, but we know it can be overwhelming to know where to begin or what changes to make. So with that in mind here are four ideas to get you started :

  • Discounted accommodation rates: On campus, we have two schemes offering competitive, discounted on-campus accommodation rates. As a returning student or postgraduate, you could apply to become a Residential Life Ambassador (RLA). These students help build our student community in their colleges and in return, their accommodation is heavily discounted (50% off this year). Alternatively, we also have a ‘show your flat scheme’ now entering its second year, which is open to any residential student. All you need to do is show your interest when applying. Here students can sign up to show their room at Open Days and other prospective student events, to receive a 5% discount on their accommodation fees.
  • Part-time jobs: there are plenty of part-time jobs on and off campus you can apply for. Kent Union’s Jobshop, and Career’s Work Study programme, are both good places to start your search and get support. There are also often part-time or casual positions (great for fitting around your studies) available in our catering outlets, housekeeping teams and accommodation so check your emails or pop into your local catering outlet to see if there are any available.
  • Eating in: It’s an oldie but a goldie. If you are comfortable in the kitchen self-catered accommodation options offer large communal kitchens that are fully fitted, great for you to cook your own meals or to save some extra pennies cooking a big meal together to share. Kitchens often become the heart of the flat/house so why not make it a weekly thing to pick a theme, share a meal and have a night in together. Of course, you don’t want to eat in all the time so don’t forget we now run a £3 meal deal in Rutherford Dining Hall every day on campus. Grocery-wise there are lots of ways to save, just check out this blog on how to save money on your food shop. If you’re not great in the kitchen and would prefer to have your food made for you then consider choosing a meal plan option. You can opt to buy this separately or select accommodation with a meal plan included. Becket CourtKeynes College, Rutherford College or Eliot College rooms include £12 credit per day to spend in one of our catering outlets on the Canterbury campus.
  • Save small: We all know those pennies add up so whether it’s making sure you get a student discount when you’re out and about or having an account that lets you save as you spend, make sure you check out which student deals and bank accounts are giving you the best offer. Reputable sites such as Money Saving Expert will usually have a student-specific section you can browse.

If you haven’t already our budgeting blog also has more information and pointers on what to look for when selecting your accommodation

Hopefully, this has given you a place to start, but if you’re struggling or need advice never hesitate to reach out as we’re here to help. If you want to learn more about the cost of living support available at Kent just head over to our dedicated web pages.