January 2022 starters: application and arrival advice

January starters

Most students start at Kent in September, however for some on short courses or returning from remote learning you’ll be getting ready to arrive on campus in January. Here’s what you need to know about applying for accommodation.

Firstly, let’s start with the heavy hitter and remove any worries you may have by saying that if you apply by the deadlines given below you will be guaranteed to receive a room offer from us (this is true for both Canterbury and Medway students).

Secondly, lots of the prices you see on our website are for September starters. As you will only be staying with us for part of the year, you will be allocated and only charged accommodation fees that match the duration of your course rather than the whole academic year. The best way to get an idea of what you’ll need to pay is to look at the termly amounts as listed on our prices webpage for Canterbury.

With that, here’s what you need to know about applying for accommodation and arriving as a January starter.

Application advice

Ok good news, it’s easy to apply. Our online application pages are open now for January arrivals, so create an account and follow the on screen instructions. This is exactly the same process that students who are due to start in September, which leads us to the two biggest questions we’re asked:

How do I apply?

Online through the MyAccommodation Portal found on the University of Kent Accommodation website.

To start an application you will need to register for an account. Only your surname (as on your UCAS application), date of birth, and Kent Applicant ID number (found at the top of any correspondence from the University) is needed to create a new username and password. It’s a good idea to use your personal email address rather than your school email address so that you can access any emails we send you. Keep a note of your username and password so that you can always log in to start or edit your accommodation application.

If you’re applying for Canterbury, you’ll be asked to select four room choices in your order of preference. A maximum of two of these can be en-suite, however please be aware that there is limited availability of en-suite accommodation options and we would recommend considering prioritising non en-suite accommodation choices. Which rooms you apply for depends upon what you are looking for in your new home. If you’re unsure, give our ‘What accommodation is right for me?’ post a quick read first and take a look around our website.

If you’re applying for Medway, they you’ve got it a little easier as all our rooms in Pier Quays are en-suite so there’s only one type of room you can select when making your application. Find out more about life at Pier Quays on our website.

When should I apply?

You should submit your application before Monday 6 December 2021 to receive a guaranteed room offer from us. When you receive your offer will depend on your application date, however if you have applied before the 6th then you will receive your room offer by Friday 10 December 2021. If you’ve applied for Canterbury accommodation then the email will come from us in the Accommodation Office, whereas if you have applied for accommodation in Medway keep your eyes open for an email from Unite Students (this is the company that manages Pier Quays) as they will be sending you your offer information.

All accommodation offers are made on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability so when you apply please give enough time between your application and arrival date for this to be processed. Should you apply after Monday 6 December for either Canterbury or Medway accommodation, you will also need to email us in the Accommodation Office to let us know you have applied.

If you are returning to campus after remote learning for the spring term, as well as submitting your online application by Monday 6 December you should also email us in the Accommodation Office to let us know you intend to return to campus or Pier Quays.


Arrivals advice

We recommend arriving on campus on Thursday 6 January 2022, this is to allow time for you to self-isolate if needed and to settle in before the start of Kent’s spring term which kicks off on Monday 17 January, and you should aim to arrive before this date at the very latest. Obviously plans change and you may not be able to travel or arrive on the 6th January, don’t worry.

When you receive your offer you will be asked to accept it in our MyAccommodation Portal before completing your accommodation e-induction. At the end of this process you’ll be asked to register your arrival date, which will let us know when you are aiming to arrive on campus. You can also log in to the MyAccommodation Portal to update your expected arrival date up to 48 hours before you’re due to arrive (any later than this just email us).

You can find out where to collect your keys, what to bring and the next steps to prepare you for arriving at Kent on our Arrivals webpage, including advice from current students so be sure to check it out.