The Reasoner welcomes submissions:

  • Submitted features should concern some exciting new reasoning-related research or argument, or a new perspective on a topic or historical figure connected with reasoning. Features should be 100-1000 words and self-contained. We primarily publish features that are comprehensible and of interest to a broad audience. More specialised pieces are also welcome but should have an introductory paragraph that can be generally understood. Send features to Please specify in your email whether your feature is intended to be generalist or specialised. Features are peer reviewed through a double-blind process.
  • Letters should be 100 words or less, need not be self-contained, and may concern, e.g., previously published articles, questions to put to the community, or announcements of reasoning-related books or papers. Send to
  • We are soliciting columns of 100-1000 words for a section “What’s hot in …” which alerts readers to interesting discussion in blogs, workshops etc. on reasoning-related topics. Send a sample column to
  • Introductory pieces of 100-1000 words, for a section “Introducing …”, should be sent to
  • Submitted items of news can be of any length, though shorter pieces are more likely to be published. Send to
  • Conference announcements should be kept brief, and should include a title, dates, location and url. Send to
  • Job announcements should be brief, including a job title, the name of the hiring institution or company, and url. Send to
  • Advertisements may be requested. These will be displayed prominently in a box. Current fees are £1 per word for the first issue; carrying the advertisement over to subsequent consecutive issues is half price per issue. Email for details.

Submissions containing mathematical symbols should be formatted using LaTeX. References should be in the text and of the form “Author (Year: Title, url, Journal or Publisher, Pages)”; subsequent references to the same work should be of the form “Author (Year: Pages)”. Footnotes should not be used.

The deadline for text for each issue is the 15th of the month before. All publication decisions will be taken by the editorial team. The editorial team reserves the right to edit submissions before publication. The copyright of each submission belongs to its authors.