Past Exhibitions

Identification, Please! Ruptures, Boundaries and Divisions, July 9 — September 12 2014

Underexposed: Female artists and the medium of print, 16 May — 19 June 2014

Marcus Rees Roberts: Winter Journey, 20 January – 11 April 2014

Alfred Drury and the New Sculpture, 30 September – 20 December 2013

Two-Faced Fame, 24 May – 14 June 2013

Resilience & Light: Contemporary Palestinian Art, 11 April – 18 May 2013

Paul Coldwell: A Layered Practice, 14 January — 5 April 2013

John Blackburn: And God Cryed, 24 September — 14 December 2012

Underground Maps Unravelled, 3 — 27 July 2012

Double Take: The Art of Printmaking, 16 January – 14 May 2012

Art & Language: Portraits and a Dream, 3 October,16th December 2011

Ana Maria Pacheco: Shadows of the Wanderer, 17 January – 17 May 2011

In Elysium,

An exhibition of original prints by ‘the great historical painter’ James Barry and his contemporaries, will be held in Studio 3 Gallery, Jarman Building on the University’s Canterbury campus.


From hermaphrodite polar bears to The Beatles, the show includes a colourful array of contemporary original prints by artists who have a connection to Kent. The blockbuster exhibitors include: Sir Peter Blake, Tracey Emin, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Frank Auerbach, Humphrey Ocean, Gary Hume, Chris Orr, Ian Davenport, Angus Fairhurst, Fred Cuming, Michael Craig-Martin, Ana Maria Pacheco, Shane Wheatcroft, and Oliver Winconek.

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