National Police Chiefs' Council

‘Stay safe’ guidance

Recent world events have led to requests for advice on how to respond in the unlikely event of an incident on- or off-campus.

The ‘Stay Safe’ principles (Run, Hide, Tell) set out by the UK Government provide some actions to consider in a terrorist or firearms incident, and the type of information that police officers may need in the event of an attack.

While there are no specific threats to the University of Kent, this ‘Stay safe’ guidance is available on the Campus Security webpages. Please find time to read through this information.

You’ll also find useful information on our security provision, SafeZone app and other aspects of personal safety.

The University’s Campus Security team are based at both the Canterbury and Medway campuses. If you have any concerns, they can be contacted on internal ext 3333 or 01227 823333 (emergencies only) or for enquiries on 3300 or 01227 823300.

Vegan cookery masterclass for University chefs

During the Easter vacation, a small group of chefs from the University of Kent were given the opportunity to take part in a two day cookery workshop led by local food based company, Dr Legumes. This workshop was designed to teach skills in vegan food preparation as well as raise awareness of how we, as a population, can support our health and wellbeing through a more plant-based diet.

What is Dr Legumes?
Dr. Legumes is the brainchild of Folkestone based duo, Jim and Lee, who aim to impact the health and wellbeing of the local community in a positive manner. Their mission is to show how we can support our health and happiness with plant-based nutrition and sustainability in mind. They deliver Secret Dinner Clubs, pop-ups, community events, cooking workshops and more, working not only with the public, but also schools, colleges and community groups.

During their time at the University, the duo had a great time sharing and cooking nine new recipes, including Mushroom Carpaccio, Cashew Stuffed Peppers, Wild Mushroom Pie, and Chocolate Beetroot Brownies. These dishes were then shared with eager staff and students from Sibson building who were delighted to sample new and exciting vegan dishes while learning about the health benefits.

The number of people in the UK who consider themselves vegan has risen by 350% in the past decade. Today, 542,000 people identify themselves as vegan, with another estimated 500,000 vegetarians considering the move. This plant-based movement has predominantly been driven by the young, with close to half of all vegans aged 15-34 (42%).

Watch Dr Legumes masterclass video here.

Athena SWAN representatives

Athena SWAN Awareness Day 21 June 2017

Booking is now open for the Athena SWAN Awareness Day, taking place from 10.00 to 15.30 on 21 June at Sibson, Canterbury Campus.

This event is for staff and students who are involved in, or interested in being involved in, the University’s work for creating an inclusive work environment for everyone.

The highlight is an external speaker we are privileged to have at our event; Professor Sara Mole from the UCL, who is going to share her department’s story from Bronze to Gold.

What is Athena SWAN?

“Recognising advancement of gender equality: representation, progression and success for all.” ECU’s Athena SWAN Charter

The charter, which launched in June 2005, was first implemented to advance the representation of women in science, technology, engineering, medicine and mathematics (STEMM). In 2015, the charter was expanded to also include arts, humanities, social science, business and law (AHSSBL) disciplines as well as professional and support roles, and for trans staff and students. The charter now recognises work undertaken to address gender equality more broadly, and not just barriers to progression that affect women.

Find out more about Athena SWAN and the awareness day.


New legislation to replace the Data Protection Act

Next year will see the introduction of new legislation relating to data protection. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in May 2018 and will replace the Data Protection Act 1998.The new legislation seeks to strengthen the rights of all EU citizens in an increasingly digital environment and to facilitate business by simplifying rules for companies.

Despite Brexit, the UK will still have to comply with the legislation. For the most part, GDPR requirements will be the same as under current data protection legislation. However, there is a new focus on accountability and the ability to prove that personal data is being protected throughout its lifecycle. Failure to comply with the new requirements will result in significant penalties, far greater than those currently incurred under the Data Protection Act.

Work is underway at the University to prepare for the new legislation. In the meantime, please complete the data protection online training module, if you have not done so already. This is mandatory for all members of staff. You can also find out more about data breach here

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Kent launches new alumni association in France

The University is delighted to announce the establishment of a new alumni association in France. The group was launched as part of the annual Paris reception in March and the committee was selected at its inaugural meeting in April.

Alumni groups bring together former students and staff of the University who are located in a specific region or have a shared special interest. They support Kent staff, students and activities in their area such as recruitment, partnership development and fundraising. Groups are run by a committee of alumni volunteers who direct activities and liaise with the University on behalf of their members.

The University currently has alumni associations in France, Greece, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nigeria and the United States.

The University of Kent France Alumni Association’s committee members are:

Juliette King (Politics, Rutherford 2005) – Chair
Jane Verwijs (Law, Eliot 1981) – Secretary
Sophie Bory (Politics, Keynes 2005) – Events Officer
Mathilde Guenegan (Journalism, Medway 2013) – Communications Officer
Theo Thieffry (Politics, Rutherford 2007) – External Outreach Officer
Valerie Gratzer (Politics, Rutherford 1981) – General Officer
Kim Randazzo (SECL, Eliot 1987) – General Officer
Sally Miller (History, Rutherford 1965) – General Officer

Find out more about our alumni groups on the alumni website.

Kent Union’s Campus to Campus Cycle Challenge

Kent Union’s sports clubs and societies are a vital part of Kent students’ university experience, helping them maintain their mental and physical health, allowing them to make friends for life and providing them with invaluable life and career skills.

Our Access to Activities Fund provides support to students who wish to participate, but are unable to financially. It helps to pay membership fees, purchase essential equipment and contribute toward competitions, amongst other things:

“Horse riding has been an immense passion for me since I was young, but with the cost of going to university I was resigned to giving it up for a very long time. With the Access to Activities Fund I’ve been able to pay the Equestrian Society fee as well as some lessons. I’m overjoyed!”
Foundation Year Physics student

Unfortunately, the demand from students is higher than we are able to cater for at the moment; this year the fund was oversubscribed by over £15,000.

In light of this, we have set ourselves the ambitious target of raising £10,000 for the Fund for next academic year, by cycling between 4 University of Kent campuses in 4 days; From Thursday 8 June until Sunday 11 June, we will cycle from Medway to Canterbury, then Brussels, and finally on to Paris, covering nearly 100 miles per day –  that’s 380 miles in total!

To support the challenge, on 8 June the Rowing club will row 28.3 miles along the Medway river and the Cycling Club will cycle along from Medway to Dover; and from 7 June until 11 June the Athletics Club will run 350 miles from Canterbury to Paris!

Please support our challenge to help ensure no student misses out on an amazing experience at Kent.

Visit our campaign page to donate directly.

Visiting professorship for Vito Zagarrio

Dr Alex Marlow-Mann, Lecturer in Italian from the Department of Modern Languages, has been awarded a Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professorship to permit Professor Vito Zagarrio (University of Rome 3) to spend the Spring Term of the next academic year at the University of Kent.

Professor Zagarrio is one of Italy’s leading film scholars who has published over a dozen mongraphs, three dozen edited collections and several hundred essays. His areas of expertise concern contemporary Italian cinema, classical and contemporary American cinema, the relationship between film and history, and the practice of film direction. He is also one of the few Italian academics to sustain a parallel career as an accomplished filmmaker. He has directed three theatrically distributed feature films, nine medium length and television features and over thirty documentaries and compilation films, many related to the cinema.

His visit will be hosted across the School of European Culture and Languages (SECL) and the School of Arts by the Centre for Film and Media Research, and he will be presenting several lectures and screenings of his films as well as contributing guest lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate courses and visiting other UK universities.

For more details of Leverhulme Visiting Professorships, please see the webpage here:


Do you need assistance in identifying, articulating, analysing and assessing a risk?

  • Does your team/School/Department have its own risk register?
  • Do you feel there is an opportunity left undiscovered?
  • Do you want to demonstrate better-informed decisions about opportunities and be able to constructively address patterns of risk?
  • Have you considered becoming a risk champion for your team/school/department?

The University Risk and Compliance Team are offering risk management awareness sessions these are available via a 1-1 meeting, group workshop or through one of us attending your team meetings. One thing for sure is we can help strengthen best practice and support you in delivering good risk management. Awareness sessions can be tailored for your areas.

Engaging in risk management ensures we remain robust and effective in both identifying and managing key risks across the University which may prevent us from achieving our strategic aims and priorities.

The University may be impacted by changes in higher education and in the economy but by continuing to raise awareness, embed good practices we ensure we;

Maintain good risk management, control and governance
Provide VFM
Ensure the management and quality assurance of data

For further information – you can email us at, alternatively visit our web page which can be found under Staff Finance section or telephone 01227 816481.

Exploring gender, sexuality and the sensory

On Friday 18 May there was lively debate when 70 participants attended the Gender, Sexuality and the Sensory symposium hosted by the Gender, Sexuality and Culture and the Visual and Sensory research clusters with Feminist Theory journal.

With the turn to affect, the rise of various new materialisms and increasing interest in the non- or more-than representational approaches, scholars across the humanities and social sciences have increasingly explored the significance of affect, atmosphere, mood, and the sensory to the contemporary workings of social life and relations.

Speakers from the Universities of Kent, Leicester, Cambridge, Middlesex, Goldsmiths and UCL addressed what significance explorations of the sensory have for contemporary analysis of gender, sex and sexuality and, in turn, how contemporary gender, feminist and queer theories can, and are, contributing to intellectual, practice-based, and activist engagements with the sensory. During the breaks, attendees explored the ideas at a feminist craftivism workshop.

One of the organisers, Dr Carolyn Pedwell, said ‘We were delighted to bring together at Kent such a dynamic group of speakers and delegates from across the UK to explore the critical links between gender, sexuality and the sensory. The diverse talks were extremely stimulating, as were the many questions and comments from participants, which made for a wonderfully engaging and generative atmosphere’

Day Trip to Cambridge on Sat 3 June

There are some seats (£15) available for a day trip by coach to the beautiful historic University city of Cambridge. This takes place on Sat 3 June, leaving Canterbury campus (main bus stop near Keynes College) at 09.00 and returning back onto campus at around 18.45.

Students and staff welcome. You are free to do as you like in Cambridge, but will be given advice about walks, museums etc.

Please buy tickets in advance of the trip, which is organised annually by the University Chaplaincy, at:

Tickets are also available in person from