Beth Breeze highlights a decade of increased major giving

The 2017 Coutts’ Million Pound Donors report, co-authored by Dr Beth Breeze, Director of the Centre for Philanthropy, shows that there has been a boom in philanthropy since the financial crisis, with a record high of £1.86bn donated in 2016. The research also found that a total of almost £15bn in large £1m+ gifts has been donated in the UK by individuals, foundations and corporations over the past decade.

For information see:

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Professional practice – one student’s experience

Mental Health charity, Centre for Mental Health has recently published a collaborative report on NHS mental health services 2012-2016.

For over 30 years, the Centre for Mental Health, as the charity is now known, has conducted and disseminated research about understanding, current practice, knowledge, services and solutions in the mental health landscape.

Working with the NHS Benchmarking Network, the Centre for Mental Health briefing paper is a detailed analysis of NHS data. Working on the project was SSPSSR student Amy.

Amy joined the charity for her year in Professional Practice as part of her BSc Social Sciences degree programme. Amy’s role was as Policy Research Assistant and she quickly realised that she was analysing data and drawing conclusions that had national significance and impacted on government policy:

“This was an amazing opportunity to gain a year’s work experience at a hugely influential independent mental health research charity.’

Amy knew that her placement was an opportunity to use – and display – her research skills in a real setting. She also found herself needing to think critically and to be able to communicate a balanced argument in order to contribute effectively as part of an experienced team.

Andy Bell, Deputy Chief Executive of the charity says of Kent’s professional placement year:

“As a mental health charity seeking to influence national policy through research, we at Centre for Mental Health have benefited enormously from Kent’s placement scheme. It boosted our capacity to get important messages across to policy-makers in Government, in Parliament and more widely across the country. It extended our analytical capacity and our ability to respond quickly to consultations, inquiries and debates.

We are grateful to the University for the chance to participate in the scheme and would recommend it to any charity wanting to make a difference nationwide.”

Amy’s work throughout the year centred around data analysis which formed the basis of the ‘Mental Health NHS Benchmarking Network Data for England and Wales: the last five years in adult and older adult mental health services’ (Bell et al., 2017), Amy says:

“I am humbled to have been a part of this project as it is expected to have substantial impact and add to the growing evidence base developing around a current lack of mental health services available in secondary care. The report includes policy implications for national policy makers to consider in the future. I am now confident that I can pursue a career in policy once I finish my degree.”

A year in professional practice is available to SSPSSR students on Criminal Justice and Criminology and Social Sciences programmes, for more information contact SSPSSR Placements Co-ordinator, Ellie Jupp.

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Sociologist wins a national prize for innovation and excellence

Billingsgate Fish Market

Judges in the annual SAGE Prize for Innovation/Excellence awarded Dr Dawn Lyon first prize in the Sociological Research Online category for her article documenting the everyday rhythms of Billingsgate fish market.

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New book offers perspective on multiracial families

In her new book, Multiracial Parents: Mixed Race Families, Generational Change, and the Future of Race, Miri Song considers how mixed-race parents identify with and draw from their cultural backgrounds in raising and socializing their children.

A revealing portrait of how multiracial identity is and is not transmitted to children, Multiracial Parents focuses on couples comprised of one white and one non-white minority, who were mostly ‘first generation mixed’, situating her findings in a trans-Atlantic framework. By drawing on detailed narratives about the parents’ children and family lives, this book explores what it means to be multiracial, and whether multiracial identity and status will matter for multiracial people’s children.

Professor Song’s book raises fundamental questions about the future significance of racial boundaries and identities

Also see


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Criminal Justice and Criminology/Social Sciences Placement preparation session 1 – Wed 8 November, 14.00

The introductory session of the training schedule for stage 2 Social Sciences BSc and Criminal Justice & Criminology BA students who are interested in taking the placement year option in next year (2018-19 academic year) will take place tomorrow (Wednesday 8 November 2017) at the changed time of 14.00 (2pm). Please note that attendance at this session is complusory if you wish to undertake the placement year in 2018-19.

If you are a stage 1/first year student who is interested in taking the programme in the future (i.e. in 2019-2020) you are welcome to attend to help you investigate possible placement options and look at gaining experience in advance and contacting or volunteering with potential placement providers or other organisations working in the area in which you would like to obtain a placement.

We will talk through the placement year handbook and Natalie Basden from the Careers & Employability Service will provide information on searching for jobs/roles followed by a question and answer session.

You can discuss the resources for searching for placement roles and think about what kind of role you are interested in applying for.

You can also book a careers guidance appointment with Natalie Basden if you want to.

Venue:- room M3-04 Medway building.

Date and Time:- 14.00 (2pm) on Wednesday 8 November 2017

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Leading Chinese Universities adopt ‘EMR’ developed by Joy Zhang

This week Tsinghua University has incorporated the Educational Module Resource (EMR) on the public engagement of science into their postgraduate module, Innovation and the Development of Science & Technology. The aim, as specified by the module leader, Professor Zhengfeng Li, was to give students ‘a more comprehensives understanding of innovation’. Students’ feedback confirmed that the content of the EMR helped them to be more sensitive about how to approach and communicate ‘unknown unknowns’ in emerging science.

The EMR is a key deliverable of Dr Joy Zhang’s ESRC project, Governing Scientific Accountability in China. It is co-funded by the University of Kent and the ESRC. The pilot 7 lectures are arguably the first attempt to develop an educational resource on public engagement training that speaks to Chinese particularities. It aims to provide modular teaching resources and to fill the gap of public engagement training in Chinese science curriculum.

Earlier this month, sections of the EMR have also been integrated into Yantai University compulsory module, Dialectics of Nature, which is taken by more than 500 postgraduate students across science and engineering majors. Later this year, sample lectures will also be delivered at the Beijing Institute of Technology, the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, as well as in a number of research institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Currently, all adaptation of the EMR into existing Chinese university curriculums are delivered or supervised by Dr Miao Liao (CASTED, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, co-author of the EMR lectures) and Professor Lu Gao (Chinese Academy of Sciences, EMR China Coordinator). This pilot run of the EMR is expected to generate valuable insights on institutionalising public engagement education in China. Professor Gao and Dr Liao will share their findings next February at Dr Zhang’s project conference, Governing Trust in the Biosciences: Institutional and Cultural Change, at the British Academy in London.

Further information:

  • The Student Version of all pilot 7 lectures (in Chinese) can be accessed online
  • Dr Joy Zhang, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, profile


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CVs and covering letters – 06 Nov 13.00- CES – CANTERBURY

This Careers and Employability Service (CES) presentation will give you key information on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating a great curriculum vitae (CV)and covering letter.

Venue:- Keynes lecture theatre 5

Booking:- advisable via TargetConnect…

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Child Protection team wins HEA Teaching Excellence award

The University is pleased to announce that its Centre for Child Protection (CCP) team has won a Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) 2017.

The winners were announced at a formal event on 1 November. As part of the award, CCP will receive £15,000 to disseminate its learning.

Organised and hosted by the Higher Education Academy (HEA), the CATE recognises outstanding contributions to teaching by teams at higher education providers. The criteria for the award are excellent practice, teamwork and the team’s dissemination plan.

The CCP team’s success reflects how it has provided an alternative approach to teaching and learning in child protection. It also reflects the ways it has brought this approach to traditional students, health and social care students and, through them, direct to young people.

By transforming approaches from other industries, namely applying digital and gaming industry techniques to training in child protection, it has provided the discipline with a suite of modern learning tools to replicate environments where child abuse happens. By reproducing social media platforms where grooming occurs, it has also enabled professionals and young people to increase their knowledge, take risks safely and learn from the consequences of their actions.

The Centre for Child Protection, part of the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research (SSPSSR), was launched in September 2012. Set up by professors Jane Reeves and David Shemmings it aims to capture the best of contemporary technology and gaming techniques, help professionals learn in a modern and innovative way (to help them and protect children), and help children protect themselves.

It has collaborated with young people, technology experts and stakeholders from national organisations ranging from the police to probation services, gang experts, child sexual exploitation experts, counter-terrorism units, youth workers, social workers, academics, government and policy makers.

Examples of CCP tools and materials:

My Courtroom – for individuals and groups

Looking out for Lottie training

Maryam and Joe – Behind closed doors

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My first job in media – CES – Fri 3 November 15.00-16.00 – CANTERBURY

Question and answer session with recent Kent and Christchurch graduates now working in radio, TV, journalism and other media roles. Get tips on how to get into the media industries and what you can do whilst at university.

Venue- Templeman lecture theatre, Templeman Library

Booking – Booking advisable via TargetConnect at

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Caprice Marcel – Working in probation presentation – SSPSSR MEDWAY – Mon 6 Nov, 12.00-13.00 PK124

Caprice Marcel, a graduate of the SSPSSR Criminal Justice BA (the previous version of the criminal Justice & Criminology BA) who is currently working as a probation officer in the London area, will be giving a presentation on working as a probation officer in England and the routes for becoming a probation officer. There will be an opportunity to ask Caprice questions during the session.

This event organized by Alex Stevens which would be of value to you both from an academic and employability viewpoint.

Venue:- Room PK124, first floor, Pilkington Building
Booking – No booking required

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