Sevenoaks Town Council internship!

Sevenoaks Town Council also has ambitious plans for new projects including bus services, £3m new conference and community centre and taking over a railway station building.

The Town Council wants to research the economic and social impact of its projects on the local community. The internship will include the opportunity to conduct research and present results.

The internship will last between 8-12 weeks during the summer period, and it will be based at the Sevenoaks Town Council Offices, Bradbourne Vale Road, Sevenoaks. The intern will need to be able to travel to Sevenoaks for the duration of the internship. This is a paid opportunity of £8.25 per hour.

Please complete the attached Sevenoaks application form and submit your completed application to Linda Larter, Chief Executive by 9th June 2017. Email:

PO675 Internship module: Student reflection

Alexandre El-Habr, a Politics and IR student, undertook an internship at EIMAI, an NGO, as part of the Internship module. Alexandre reflects upon his experience both a EIMAI and on the module.

“The PO675 Module is the best module a student can take in order to prepare him or herself for the work environment. Not only must you actively seek and get selected for an internship in order to take this module, but there are also various assessments within the module that assess the skills you learned, such as a 15 min presentation. I personally gained great public speaking skills, and more importantly learned how to pitch my experience in a way that highlights the skills I acquired, and why I am ready for the work environment; which is something that will be required of me in every job I apply for in the future. I strongly recommend students to take this module.
This summer, I interned at a Greek-American NGO called EIMAI. Its main focus is to promote ethical youth leadership, in order to make the political arena fairer, thus making the world a better place. It is important to note, that my expectations for this internship were completely met as I had previously worked with the organization and I relatively knew what I was going to do. During this internship, my research/critical skills, analytical skills, and public speaking skills improved through various tasks I was assigned. These tasks included researching theories on ethical leadership, Formulating a question for an article on the importance of peace education and ethical leadership development of youth as a solution to social, political and economical crisis in Greece which I co-authored. Lastly, another one of my tasks was pitching our goals to embassies in order to receive sponsorship for projects.
I believe that this opportunity given to me by EIMAI will greatly benefit me in the future, as it not only improved my analytical and research skills that were already acquired in university, but more importantly, helped me transition those skills into a work environment and act as a team player for the organization which increased my interpersonal skills.”

Why apply to do an internship?

Whether you are in your first or final year of your degree, it is never too early or too late to start thinking about your future career. But what if you are not sure where you would like your degree to take you? Or maybe you have an idea, but you would like to gain experience in the sector, before committing to a job. An internship is the ideal opportunity to combat both. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why an internship is the perfect choice for the unsure student or graduate…

  1. You’ll find out whether the job is right for you
    Completing an internship is a great opportunity to ‘test drive’ a potential career without fully committing to a permanent job. An internship allows you to affirm or discount a certain job or career sector, helping you to narrow down your options.
  2. You’ll develop your skills and add experience to your CV
    Either way, if you decide the role is or isn’t for you, you have gained valuable experience and you have developed key transferrable skills. Employers looking to hire a graduate won’t expect you to have huge amounts of industry-specific knowledge, but they are on the lookout for certain key soft skills – like being a team-player, good communicator, leader, and problem-solver.
  1. Increase your professional network
    An internship gives you the opportunity to increase your contacts, expand your professional branding, and if you have performed well, strong references for a future employer.
  2. You’ll discover the type of work environment which is best for you
    Would you prefer to work within a large company or an SME, working as part of a team or alone, and whether you like being allowed more independence over your work or are more comfortable working closely with your manager. Finding out which work culture is better suited to you can help when deciding the type of career you would like to go into.
  3. You may find your future employer
    Undertaking an internship can open many doors to your future employment. Particularly if you are a graduate doing an internship scheme, these opportunities may lead to a permanent role – so take every opportunity you can!

Exclusive SPIR Research Internships!

The School of Politics and IR is pleased to offer three exclusive internships for undergraduate and postgraduate students from the School. These internships are based within Global Europe Centre, Conflict Analysis Research Centre and the Centre for Critical Thought.

These are paid internships (six hours per week at £7.68/hour) and will last until the end of the Summer Term 2017. Students should be available to commit six hours per week on average including during the Spring Vacation.

Interested students should apply by emailing a CV and cover letter to Claire Tanner ( by 12pm on Monday 30th January 2017. Interviews are likely to be held in the week commencing 6th February 2017 and all applications will be acknowledged. The University’s Careers and Employability Service can provide CV and cover letter advice (

For full details of each internship opportunity, please click on the links below:

CTT Internship: research-centre-internship-advert-cct-jan-2017

CARC Internship: research-centre-internship-advert-carc-jan-2017

GEC Internship: research-centre-internship-advert-gec-jan-2017

Student testimonial: Internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Elena Filip, a recent graduate from the School of Politics and IR, with a bachelor’s in Politics and International Relations, recently undertook an extremely competitive and valuable internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Romanian Ministry. In this piece, Elena reflects upon her experience, discussing her role at the Ministry and how this has influenced her future career.

The internship at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) was part of an initiative-project promoted by the Romanian Government, Romanian Ministries and other political institutions. The project’s aim was to offer the youth the chance to observe how the central public administration works and to see what can be improved or changed within it.

There were 7,500 candidates who applied for the whole project and only 10 available positions within the MFA. Working with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for two months was an outstanding experience. Securing this internship was one of my goals after graduating from Kent and also the path I want to build my future career on.

During the first month of the internship I worked in the Communication and Spokesman Department. The environment was very active and I had to be available every moment to help the staff with different inquires, from filling in reports, analysing the news that may affect the Ministry, either positively or negatively, to participating in press conferences with diplomats. I also took part in the Annual Reunion of Romanian Diplomacy, as one of the press department representatives, where I had the chance to meet with ambassadors, diplomats and well-known politicians.

In the second month I worked in the European Union Department, more precisely, in the sector that is focusing on the Europe 2020 Strategy. Overall, my job was to submit a report, analysing the European Commission’s recommendations for each European Union member state from different perspectives, such as calitatively, quantitatively and sectorial. I participated in an event organised by the Embassy of Netherlands to Bucharest, focussing on how we can make the available data from governments and other institutions more open and easily accessible for every citizen.

Beside my work in the MFA, I took part in different events and visits organised by the project. I visited the Romanian Parliament, observing the democratic process within the Deputies Chamber, the National Bank of Romania, the Embassy of Canada to Bucharest, and I took part in meetings with the Romanian Prime Minister, Ministers and also with the USA chargé d’affaires to Bucharest.

This internship helped me realise that the career I want to develop is in diplomacy, to represent my country in diplomatic missions overseas and to help improve Romania’s image worldwide.

Earn work experience with Employability Points!!

The Empolyability Points Scheme is unique to the University of Kent and aims to enhance students’ employability in a simple and engaging way.

You can claim ‘Employability Points’ for taking part in extra-curricular activities (many of which students are already taking part in!) such as societies, part-time work and volunteering. These points can be cashed in later in the year for ‘prizes’ which include paid internships, project placements, work experience, training, vouchers and a lot more, all offered by businesses and organisations.

In 2015-16, over 130 organisations were associated with the scheme and 617 rewards were offered by Kent County Council, Southeastern, Shepherd Neame and Medway Council, to name a few!

One student from School of Politics and International Relations, Clara Lee, had the chance to undertake a project placement with start-up business Convert Energy.

Convert Energy is a renewable energy design and project management company. Their Director, David Browne, informed the EP team that they lacked social media skills in the organisation and felt they could gain a lot of value from a student. Clara was recruited through the EP Scheme and given the chance to review their social media strategy.

Clara commented: “The EP Scheme has given me opportunity to broaden my experience in social media and the scheme is a great opportunity for securing work experience.”

Studies suggest that on average 83 graduates are applying for every graduate role and a degree no longer guarantees a job. In this sort of competitive atmosphere, it is vital that students find a way to make their application stands out from the crowd.

Through engaging with the scheme, you are not only enhancing ‘soft’ skills sought after by employers, but you can be awarded with exclusive work placement opportunities and rewarding experiences.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved with the EP scheme here and get rewarded!



Twitter:  @empoints

Facebook: Employability Points

Undergraduate Data Collection Intern for WomanStats Project – Apply now!



The School of Politics and International Relations is delighted to offer an internship opportunity within the School assisting Dr Andrea Den Boer in her role as Co-PI of the WomanStats Project:

WomanStats ( is the largest database (with 350 variables for 175 countries) on the situation of women worldwide. One of the primary goals of WomanStats is to develop innovative indices and measures to describe the situation and status of women, which will allow for empirical analysis, assessment, monitoring, and evaluation activities.

The successful intern will collect cross-national data (numerical and laws/policies) regarding violence against women, under the direction of Dr den Boer. The candidate must have good internet search skills and be able to use an excel spreadsheet. The successful intern will ideally be an undergraduate student in the School of Politics and International Relations (or the Faculty of Social Sciences). They will also have an understanding and interest in gender issues in society and politics, although this is desired rather than essential.

This is a paid internship for up to 8 hours per week, at £7.68/hour. Hours to be agreed between the successful applicant and the Project Lead – work will be undertaken on campus and remotely. This internship is spread across Autumn and Spring terms and will run for approximately 21 weeks.

Interested students should apply by email, sending a CV and covering letter outlining their suitability and how they meet the above criteria to Claire Tanner –  The deadline for all applications is 12pm on Friday 14th October.

Interviews for successful candidates will be held on Tuesday 18th October and Wednesday 19th October and all applications will be acknowledged, with feedback available on request. For further information, please email Claire Tanner on the email address above.

Full details can be found here: womanstats-intern-advert-2016

Exclusive Public Affairs internship for Politics and IR students!

Apply now for an exclusive internship as a Public Affairs Intern, only open to Politics and IR students!

Want to get some experience in one of the most important industries in today’s age? If you’ve got a knack for policy and an interest in changing the world you live in then we have the internship for you.

A new role created this year, the public affairs internship will give you hands on paid experience into the world of public affairs with one of the largest influencing organisations in Kent. You will get the opportunity to learn about decision making processes in local and national government as well as get a flavour for analysing policy announcements, forming consultation responses, speechwriting, writing press releases and liaising with the offices of important decision makers.

You will contribute to Kent Union’s mission of empowering students to have a voice by supporting our work to influence policies and those who make them. The year ahead is an incredibly interesting one for Kent Union with a Higher Education & Research Bill going through parliament, Canterbury City Council producing a report into higher and further education and the Boundary Commissioning consulting on the future of political constituencies so you will be joining us through an incredibly exciting time.

Please note that due to funding this internship is only open to students in the School of Politics and International Relations.

Candidates must use the application process to show how they meet the essential specifications listed. Specifications marked not essential may help application but are not a requirement to be successful.

To apply, please visit:

Applications close at 12pm on 6th October

Funded international opportunities for Kent graduates

Fully Funded 8 week program commencing October 20th 2016 … Apply by 20th August 2016!

The world’s leading provider of internships in China, CRCC Asia, are excited to announce a new allocation of British Council Generation UK -China funding for an 8 Week study and internship course in Shanghai.  If you want to gain international experience, and make yourself more competitive in today’s job market by gaining valuable transferable and industry specific skills, please read on….

The Gen UK Autumn Language and Internship Programme consists of three weeks at a prestigious Chinese university studying language and culture (suitable for total beginners).  You will then spend five weeks interning at a company in Shanghai related to your field of study or desired industry.

This program includes accommodation, social and cultural events, and 24 hour support, and you will be part of a group of participants all taking part in the same program.  You will also get to meet participants in the CRCC Asia program from different regions.

All of the above will be fully funded for a limited number of eligible candidates.You will only be responsible for the costs of your flight (currently as low as £400), and living costs (can be as low as £50 a week).

Eligibility requirements:

  • Aged 18 years and above
  • Currently enrolled full-time at an English university or have graduated from an English university within the past year
  • A UK citizen (must hold a British passport, or Irish passport for Northern Irish domiciled only)
  • In receipt of or have received a Maintenance Grant from Student Finance during their university career
  • Not in receipt of any other Generation UK – China funding

If you wish to discuss the program before applying, please don’t hesitate to call our London office on (+44) 0207 377 8457 or email

If you are eligible and keen to take up this opportunity, then follow this link to apply


Representation of the EU Commission to the UK – deadline tomorrow!

The School of Politics and International Relations is delighted to offer an internship with the Representation for the EU Commission to the UK to all students within the School, based at the Canterbury campus. The intern will support the work of Representation and in particular will work on both outreach and social media activities, as well as promoting the Erasmus+ scheme. This is a fascinating time to be working within an EU organisation and students will have the opportunity to witness the work of the Representation first hand, as well as to meet with staff from across Europe.

Candidates should:

  • Be an undergraduate OR postgraduate student within the School of Politics and IR and based at the Canterbury campus (this includes Bi-Diplome students and those taking a joint honours programme, but not students studying at BSIS)
  • Be an EU National
  • Have excellent written and verbal English language skills – another EU language is not required, but may be useful
  • Knowledgeable in the area of EU Affairs, with an enthusiasm for the European project
  • Motivated, articulate and reliable, with good levels of attendance and attainment
  • Able to manage a range of tasks and priorities, and flexible in their working style
  • Knowledge of the work of the Representation, and of the Erasmus+ scheme, would be an advantage

The internship will begin in March 2016 and in expected to last for an initial three months (with the possibility of an extension), with students working between 6 and 8 hours per week, mainly remotely / from home. Interns will also be expected to travel to London (Europe House) once or twice a month to meet with their supervisor and staff there. The position is unpaid, but the School of Politics and IR will cover expenses (travel and subsistence) to the cost of train travel between Canterbury and London. Students will also be encouraged to apply for the Kent Experience of Work Bursary (B-KEW) – more details can be found online at:

Interested students should apply by email, sending a CV and covering letter outlining their suitability to Claire Tanner – The Deadline is 12pm on Friday 4th March 2016. Further enquiries can be directed to Claire Tanner via email or by calling 01227 823786.