EP Rewards pack 2017 is here!

The Employability Points Rewards Pack for 2017 is now available! There are lots of great opportunities that you can apply to if you’ve cashed in your Epoints. These include internships, work experience, shadowing, workshops and training sessions.

Don’t forget the deadline for students on the Employability Points Scheme to earn points is 5p.m. on the 20th March 2017. Any points logged after this date will automatically roll over to the next year.

The pack can be found on the EP web page, as well as full details about the scheme.

The School of Politics and IR have recommended the following for our students, which you may wish to take particular interest in:

  • Sevenoaks Town Council internship; focused on undertaking research for strategic projects being undertaken by the council
  • Medway Council internship; Internships in the Regeneration, Culture, Environment and Transformation (RCET) Department, specifically focused on Housing Services, Planning and Regeneration Delivery
  • Medway Council internship; Internship in Electoral Services, overseeing a project to introduce tablets for the door-to-door canvassing team. This will allow the student to project manager this initiative, whilst significantly contributing to the Electoral Register.
  • Youcan work experience; Work experience focused on the charity sector, where one student will assist with event planning, facilitating wellbeing weekends, corporate and community fundraising, social media and marketing and general administration.
  • People United work experience; The student will gain the chance to assist the charity with fundraising and assisting with events.
  • DSTL work experience;  Remote work experience placements focused on shaping the way that evidence based decision making is presented to the military by DSTL. This will involve one student acting as a military customer and another as an analyst.
  • Civil Service Fast Stream work placement; the opportunity to shadow a senior government official, meet current Fast Streamers and see first-hand the inner workings of government.
  • Shepway District Council work shadow; the chance to shadow the Kent Alumni (and previous EP Student Ambassador) Elouise Mitchell in her role as a Graduate Planner. This will provide the student with an insight into planning in the public sector.
  • Tunbridge Well Borough Council work shadow; a chance to shadow William Benson, Chief Executive. This will provide exclusive insight into high level leadership within a local council.
  • Civil Service Fast Stream company experience;  a guided tour of Whitehall led by current Civil Service Fast Streamers, including a look inside central government departments. This will include lunch and a chance to attend a Q&A Session.
  • Shepway District Council company experience; the chance to attend a Shepway Council staff training session, focused on building and exhibiting confidence.
  • Caliper skills development workshop;  a skills development session for a small group of students on ‘Launch Your Career with Confidence and Focus’ which will focus on how graduates can market themselves, optimise their innate strengths and apply key attributes to their careers. Later, all participants will receive one-toone telephone coaching exploring career options, enhancing awareness of their values and strengths, and career planning.
  • Chaucer Speakers Club skills development workshop; an interactive workshop focused on developing presentation and public speaking skills. The session will allow student to assess their speaking capability and confidence and provide key strategies to overcome challenges. The session will be interactive with tasks and will also cover fear of speaking, body language, use of notes and gestures in speaking.

EP Rewards for Students Studying Politics and International Relations

You may have seen a few months ago the announcement that the Civil Service Fast Stream are sponsoring the EP Scheme, with the chance for one student to shadow a senior government official (100 points) and for a group to undertake a guided tour of Whitehall!

Since then, the EP team have remained busy trying to get even more rewards for students within the School of Politics and International Relations. We are now delighted to confirm the following three opportunities:

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council are offering the chance for one student to shadow their Chief Executive for 2-days. This placement will allow for unprecedented insight into high-level strategic management of the council for only 100 points!

For 150 points, DSTL are providing remote work experience for two students (UK nationals only), which will help shape the way evidence-based decision making is presented to the Ministry of Defence! If you are interested in security, this is not to be missed!

And lastly, we have an amazing paid 12-week internship with Medway Council for 200 points, where one student can work in the Electoral Services team. This internship will provide a student the chance to project manage a new initiative to update the Electoral Register.

If you wish to undertake any of these rewards, please don’t forget you must have enough points by 20th March 2017. Shortly afterwards, students will have the chance to complete an application form for these rewards!

EP rewards with the Civil Service!

Through the Employability Points scheme, you have the opportunity to win some fantastic and valuable rewards with the Civil Service for 2016/17!

The Civil Service is a politically independent organisation made up of 440,000 civil servants across a huge range of departments and agencies, working to formulate central government policy and implement this by providing services directly to the public. On the Fast Stream you will experience a range of roles and government departments, doing varied, interesting and intellectually challenging work that really makes a difference to the lives of UK citizens. If you are interested in government policy, and you would like to experience what it would be like to work within the Civil Service, take a look at the following!

Civil Service rewards include:

  • The organisation will be offering a work shadowing opportunity, where a student will gain the chance to shadow a senior official in central government. The student can meet current Fast Streamers and see first-hand the inner workings of government. (100 points)
  • A small group of students will also have the chance to undertake an exclusive reward – a tour of Whitehall led by current Fast Streamers and a look inside central government departments. (75 points)
  • Finally, they are offering a Highest Points Prize of £150 Amazon Vouchers to the ‘Highest Scoring Student Studying a Fiance Related Degree.’

To find out about the EP scheme, and how you can get involved, visit: https://www.kent.ac.uk/employabilitypoints/index.html 

Earn work experience with Employability Points!!

The Empolyability Points Scheme is unique to the University of Kent and aims to enhance students’ employability in a simple and engaging way.

You can claim ‘Employability Points’ for taking part in extra-curricular activities (many of which students are already taking part in!) such as societies, part-time work and volunteering. These points can be cashed in later in the year for ‘prizes’ which include paid internships, project placements, work experience, training, vouchers and a lot more, all offered by businesses and organisations.

In 2015-16, over 130 organisations were associated with the scheme and 617 rewards were offered by Kent County Council, Southeastern, Shepherd Neame and Medway Council, to name a few!

One student from School of Politics and International Relations, Clara Lee, had the chance to undertake a project placement with start-up business Convert Energy.

Convert Energy is a renewable energy design and project management company. Their Director, David Browne, informed the EP team that they lacked social media skills in the organisation and felt they could gain a lot of value from a student. Clara was recruited through the EP Scheme and given the chance to review their social media strategy.

Clara commented: “The EP Scheme has given me opportunity to broaden my experience in social media and the scheme is a great opportunity for securing work experience.”

Studies suggest that on average 83 graduates are applying for every graduate role and a degree no longer guarantees a job. In this sort of competitive atmosphere, it is vital that students find a way to make their application stands out from the crowd.

Through engaging with the scheme, you are not only enhancing ‘soft’ skills sought after by employers, but you can be awarded with exclusive work placement opportunities and rewarding experiences.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved with the EP scheme here and get rewarded!

Web: www.kent.ac.uk/employabilitypoints

Email: Employabilitypoints@kent.ac.uk

Twitter:  @empoints

Facebook: Employability Points

Log your employability points by the 21st March to apply for some great rewards!

Don’t forget the 21st March 2016 is the deadline for students to earn points for 2015-16. Any points logged after this date will be carried over to the next academic year.

Rewards include:

  • Kent County Council: 3 month project support internship, assisting with the Kent Resilience Team
  • Visit Kent – Two work experience placements in research and marketing.
  • Shepway Council – 2 month paid internship with the Economic Development team.
  • People United –  Work experience placements focused on assisting with the 10th Anniversary, including events management, fundraising and assisting with workshops.

For details of other rewards, please visit https://www.kent.ac.uk/employabilitypoints/prizes-2015-16.html 

3 month internship at Kent County Council with Employability Points!

The Employability Points Scheme encourages student to undertake extra-curricular activities whilst at Kent and rewards the most engaged students with internships, work experience, vouchers and much more.

The EP team are very excited about a latest opportunity, which may be of particular interest to SPIR students!

This EP reward is a paid 3-month internship with Kent County Council (KCC), where the student will be working in the Kent Resilience Team (KRT), an exciting initiative which brings together Kent County Council, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Kent Police, and other category one responders in a single location.  This provides an exceptional opportunity to combine the key organisations with responsibilities for responding to and recovering from emergencies or disasters, providing a more efficient, joined up and proactive service to the communities of Kent.

The student will be tasked with providing research and project support. Responsibilities will include aligning the Community Risk Register to the National Capabilities Programme, analysing national and international arrangements for community resilience and establish best practice, establishing assistance available from central government, providing project support to parish and town councils.

KCC are looking for a student with a passion for local government and an interest in pursuing a career in the civil service!

In 2014-15, one SPIR student interned with KCC via the EP Scheme, which led onto further employment. The case study can be found here.

How do you apply?

Firstly, students must earn at least 200 Employability Points by the 2015-16 deadline: 21st March 2016. If unsure on how to get points, please contact the EP Team. Shortly after this deadline passes, all qualifying students will receive an application form, including all EP rewards available.

For more information on the EP Scheme, please visit the website: www.kent.ac.uk/employabilitypoints


The Benefits of Attending a Mock Assessment Centre

Assessment Centres: do you know what to expect? The Employability Points team discuss what Assessment Centres are and how you can prepare for one with the Employability Points Scheme.

Graduate employers are increasingly coming to the conclusion that individual interviews are insufficient in determining the suitability of candidates for a prospective job. Their solution is (the often dreaded) assessment centres, which is considered to be the fairest and most accurate method of selecting candidates.

Assessment centres often include a range of group activities, presentations, individual interviews and psychometric testing.

If you have never attended an Assessment Centre before, it can be difficult to know what to expect, and even if you have attended one in the past, it can be even more difficult to know whether you have done well, unless you receive a job offer.

From the moment they arrive at an Assessment Centre, a candidate must show themselves in their best light. They are under constant scrutiny and recruiters are looking for the demonstration of a range of specific skills.

In order to ensure University of Kent students are fully prepared for this method of graduate recruitment, we have arrange mock assessment centres with two top graduate recruiters as EP rewards!

Our first sponsoring company is Enterprise Rent-a-Car, who have a multi-award winning graduate scheme. EP students will be put through their paces and even if this is not a sector where you plan to start a career, this will give you experience which can be applied to any real assessment centre scenario.

Our second sponsoring company is Santander Universities, who will be running a session in collaboration with the EP team. A maximum of 10 students will be put through their paces with 1-1 interviews, challenging group tasks and presentations. Again, you don’t need to be interested in retail banking to significantly benefit from this session! All students will receive comprehensive written feedback.

All the mock assessment centres will cost 75 points and students can redeem their points to apply in late March 2016.

With that in mind, make sure you have at least 75 points by 21st March 2016 to benefit from these fantastic opportunities.

Take a look at the 2014/15 Santander Mock Assessment Centre by clicking here.

My EPS Journey

My EPS Journey is a new opportunity for students registered on the Employability Points Scheme to illustrate their employability to prospective employers and also reflect on the skills and experiences they have gained whist engaging with the scheme.

Accordingly, at the end of each academic year, it is possible for students to create their ‘EPS Journey’ on MyFolio. This is a profile page, outlining the activities students have completed to earn points and the rewards students may have undertaken. Following a student’s graduation, the EPS Journey can be published, added to CVs and LinkedIn profiles. Click here to see an example of an EPS Journey, and find out how you can start creating your own!

An Introduction to the Employability Points Scheme

Matt Cook, Employability Points Co-ordinator, would like to introduce Employability Points to those of you that may not be familiar with the scheme. Matt addresses the importance of the scheme, what it entails and a student case study.

It is reported that, on average, 83 graduates apply for each graduate job vacancy.

If you take a brief moment to let that statistic sink in, you can be excused in thinking how it would ever be possible to secure that dream job upon graduation. With floods of graduates saturating the employment market every summer, it is very easy to become lost in the crowd.

Accordingly academic success alone is insufficient in ensuring employment, but academic success must be accompanied with extra-curricular experiences. Employers now seek ‘all-rounders’; graduates who have both life and work experience, in addition to a high-level degree.

To meet this demand, the University of Kent established the Employability Points Scheme, which awards ‘points’ for the completion of extra-curricular activities; such as part-time work, volunteering, joining societies, attending workshops and much more. Towards the end of the academic year, participating students can ‘cash-in’ their points for ‘rewards’ which include 3-month paid internships, work experience placements, training sessions and vouchers.

In 2014-15, over 5,100 students earned points with the EP Scheme, whereas the most engaged students benefited from the 567 rewards offered by 130 companies and organisations. These sponsors included Kent County Council, Allianz, Penguin Random House, DSTL, Medway Council, Santander Universities and Heart FM.

To consider one case-study, Lucy Owen, a recent graduate from the School of Politics and International Relations, was rewarded with an internship with Kent County Council (KCC), a direct result of her extra-curricular achievements.

ep scheme

During this internship, Lucy worked on the Broadband and Digital Economy Programme, which aims to roll out broadband infrastructure across Kent. Through this opportunity, Lucy was able to experience the inner workings of local government as well as internally network with a number of key stakeholders. Additionally, KCC was so impressed with Lucy, she has been offered part-time employment, whilst she completes her Masters degree.

Lucy is just one example of how EP rewards students who actively enhance their employability prospects whilst studying at the University of Kent. For 2015-16, the EP team are planning to ensure even more rewards, covering a range of different sectors and industries.


Get Involved! Get Rewarded!

For more information and to start logging your points, visit www.kent.ac.uk/employabilitypoints

Applications open for Student Ambassador roles for Employability Points and Student Enterprise

2015-16 Employability Points Student Ambassador and Student Enterprise Ambassador roles are currently being advertised. Under-graduate and Post-graduate students can apply for this opportunity, which is paid for terms one and two.

For more information, including Role Description and Application Form, can be found here: http://www.kent.ac.uk/employabilitypoints/news/articles/student-ambassdor-2015-16.html

The deadline is the 13th July 2015, so apply now!