Exclusive! IRI Volunteering Opportunity – advancing democracy worldwide

The International Republican Institute’s Brussels office is delighted to offer a volunteering opportunity within its Beacon Project:

The Beacon Project seeks to build on IRI’s 35 years of experience in supporting democracy across the globe, by addressing gaps in democratic governance exploited by domestic and foreign hostile powers through disinformation and propaganda. With its >versus< media monitoring tool, national polling and regular political and civil society round tables, the Beacon Project works with partners from across the transatlantic area and wider Europe to mitigate the impact of disinformation through open dialogue and data-driven approaches.

The selected volunteer will work together with Beacon’s analysts and expert partners to capture and analyse disinformation narratives in Central-Eastern Europe, namely, in the Visegrad Countries, the Baltics and the Balkans. Although training in the use of the >versus< media monitoring tool will be provided, basic quantitative data-gathering and data-analytical skills are required. As minor administrative tasks might also be required, excellent communications skills, and grasp of Microsoft Office programmes (in particular, Excel) are highly desirable.

Interested students should apply, with a CV and cover letter, to C.Tanner@kent.ac.uk. The deadline for applications is Friday 24th November at 5pm. Further details are below;

The successful volunteer would be expected to:

  • Under-go relevant training on using the Beacon Project’s >versus< tool
  • Gather data using the >versus< tool across time and multiple media outlets
  • Analyse the data output and, where appropriate, link to Beacon Project polling results
  • Regularly communicate with the Beacon team of analysts and experts to discuss findings
  • Under-take minor administrative tasks when attending Beacon Project’s roundtables
  • Edit texts and analyses prepared with Beacon Project regional local monitors
  • Provide administrative support for Beacon Project’s meetings and round tables
  • Provide administrative support to the project’s daily operation

A prospective volunteer should should:

  • Be in the final year of his/her undergraduate studies or a Master’s student in the School of Politics and IR
  • Be unafraid to take a research project from concept to realisation
  • Be able to work independently, meet deadlines and communicate regularly with our team
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have a strong academic record and, preferably, good knowledge of both quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Have experience in using Microsoft Office programmes, in particular, Excel
  • Have interest in media, democracy and or the area of disinformation and propaganda, and curiosity about the politics of Central-Eastern Europe
  • Knowledge of one or more Central-Eastern European languages is an advantage, but not a necessity

This is a voluntary position for up to 10 hours per week. Work will be undertaken remotely from Canterbury, and tasks will be discussed through regular weekly skype calls. The volunteer is expected to visit the Brussels office of IRI for a two-day orientation and training, and to attend two of its roundtables. Where possible, it would be envisaged to give the volunteer an opportunity to present his final research output to political and civil society leaders during the roundtables. Travel and all expenses will be covered for this position by IRI and the School of Politics and International Relations.

The voluntary position is envisaged for a period of 6 months, starting in January 2018.