Exam preparation top tips!

With the exam period looming many of you will be gearing up for late night revision sessions, and strong coffee to get you through. To help aid your revision we’ve come up with a few key tips:

  • Allow yourself enough time to revise – make sure you plan your revision in advance, maybe by creating a study timetable, rather than trying to cram in everything you have learnt over the past few months into one evening! This will ensure that you’ll be less stressed and that you can give sufficient time to revise for each exam.
  • Organize your study space – have everything you need to study effectively (stationary, notes, books). Get rid of all distractions and make sure that you are in your optimum study environment, whether that be in your room, the library, in a group, in silence or with music.
  • Take regular breaks – studies have shown that for long-term retention of knowledge regular breaks do help!
  • Use flow charts and diagrams to help visualise your work – Getting your ideas down in a brief format will help you to recall key points during the exam.
  • Practice old exams – by doing so you can familiarise yourself with the format of the exam and the length of time you’ll have to complete it.

Information used from Top Universities