The National Centre for Statistical Ecology summer meeting will be held this year at Kent during the week beginning 26th June

The plenary speaker will be Professor Rob Freckleton, Royal Society University Research Fellow and Professor of Population Biology, University of Sheffield. The meeting will include a one-day workshop by Professors David Borchers, University of St Andrews, and  Finn Lingren, University of Edinburgh, on “Spatial Point Process Modeling with INLAbru”.

Further information will be made available in due course on the NCSE web site and also at:

VC’s Cup: Flabacus Update

The School’s first ever VC’s Cup Team, Flabacus, has taken the competition by storm, competing in every event so far.

The team comprised of both Professional Services and Academic staff is currently 8th in the table, with 62 points overall, just 15 points behind front-runners ‘Eat My Shorts’ (EMS).

So far the team has competed in Gladiators, Volleyball and Rowing, with Joe Watkins and Judith Broom taking the team up the table after impressive rowing sprints by both rowers.

The team is currently second in the Faculty, just 2 points behind last year’s winners, ‘Nobody Does it bEDA’ (EDA).

Paper by Dr Emily Dennis and Prof. Byron Morgan makes national news

Emily and Byron’s paper on ‘Urban Indicators for UK Butterflies’, written with David Roy and Tom Brereton, first published in Ecological Indicators, hit the national press this month.

The research was picked up by papers such as The Guardian, The Times,  The Sun and The Daily Mail, as well as an array of other regional publications.

The paper can be found:

Articles include:
The Guardian:
The Daily Mail:

University of Kent News Centre:

Funding awarded to Dr Rachel McCrea, Dr Diana Cole and Dr Eleni Matcheou

Rachel, Diana and Eleni have been awarded funding for a NERC Advanced Training Short Course `Statistical models for wildlife population assessment and conservation’ for 2018 and 2019, following the successful course in January 2017.
Project partners include Professor Richard Griffiths, DICE, Dr Richard Comont, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Dr Humphrey Crick, Natural England and Dr David Leech, British Trust for Ornithology.

NERC funded advanced short course run by SE@K

The course took place 9-13 January 2017 at the University of Kent and was run by SE@K’s Diana, Eleni, and Rachel and DICE’s Richard Griffiths with the help of SE@K PhD students  Alex, Anita, Marina and Ming.

30 participants traveled from all around the UK for the course which involved lectures, R practicals, talks by Humphrey Crick from Natural England and Rufus Howard from IEMA, round table discussions on ecological challenges and the role of statistical modeling in dealing with some of these challenges and 1-1 sessions with the course organisers for all participants who wanted to discuss their studies and data.

On Tuesday Richard kicked off the day by discussing the types of population data that we need in conservation practice. Humphrey  then went on to discuss problems in modern conservation and the role of statistical modeling. Finally Rufus Howard talked about Big Data (Gaps) in EIA. A round table discussion then  focused on obstacles to incorporating statistical models and priorities of ecologists.

The rest of the week focused on statistical methods used in statistical ecology including abundance estimation, capture-recapture, occupancy modeling, distance sampling, citizen science data, modeling movement, species interaction models, spatial models and integrated modeling.

The course was successful at introducing complex statistical ideas, exposing participants to a wide range of statistical techniques and discussing state-of-the-art statistical methods.