NSS 2016 93% overall student satisfaction

The National Student Survey (NSS) 2016 results are out and the School of Psychology at the University of Kent is delighted to have achieved 93% overall student satisfaction. This means that Psychology at Kent is ranked 17th out of 111 Psychology Schools in the UK!

Furthermore, final year students at Kent remain among the most satisfied in the UK, according to the results of the NSS 2016. The University of Kent achieved the fourth highest score for overall satisfaction*, up one place from 2015.

* Out of all publicly funded, multi-faculty (i.e. not single-subject/specialist institutions) universities.

Equality and Human Rights Commissions research report

An important research report, written by Professor Dominic Abrams, Dr Hannah Swift and Lynsey Mahmood, was published on the Equality and Human Rights Commission website homepage on 29th July.

The full research report, which is titled ‘Prejudice and unlawful behaviour: Exploring levers for change’, is available here.

It also featured on a fantastic blog by Verena Brahler at EHRC.