Jan 30

Scholars’ Spotlight: Matthew Baldwin

Continuing the series profiing some of this year’s new University Music Scholars. This week, tuba-player Matt Baldwin.


Top brass: Matt Baldwin

Top brass: Matt Baldwin

I’m a tuba scholar studying Architecture at the University of Kent. I am 19 and from Derbyshire, where I attended John Port School in a small village called Etwall. There, I was a member of their Wind and Swing band that was set up by the Sixth Form students.

I started playing music 12 years ago, originally on the cornet, but after sixths months of struggling and a lot of bum notes later (!) I was persuaded to move onto the tuba where I had a lot more success, going on to play for many bands at a regional and county level. These bands include South Derbyshire Wind Band and Brass Band alongside Derbyshire City and County Wind Band and Orchestra. During my time playing music I have toured many European Countries and taken part in Regional and National Competitions across the country.

Currently, whilst studying at Kent I represent the University in the Concert Band and Orchestra. I am looking forward to the many concerts I have ahead; especially the opportunity to perform in Canterbury Cathedral.

Matt Baldwin

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