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beyond lecture recording

Many people have yet to use Panopto to record a lecture. It may be that recording in this way, with an expectant audience, presentation to setup, handouts and attendance to think about, isn’t the easiest way to start. But Panopto can be used to record more or less anything, and academics have had great success in producing short recordings, whether those be for a whole class or even individuals. You could, then, make a short recording to test the concept. Recording to a Moodle-module folder will make that recording available to everyone enrolled on the module. Recordings made to your unlisted recordings folder will be visible only by you (and can later be moved to a different folder).

Before you record you will need to have signed the user agreement – for instructions see the first page of our guide.

Bear with me, this isn’t ‘yet more work!’ madness. Short recordings can save you time – rather than spending time organising when to see a student to give feedback on their essay, make a recording and share it with them. Instead of answering similar questions from various people, briefly explain the concept to them all and share it with the class.

A few possibilities:

  • Recording a lecture where a bank holiday blocks the scheduled time.
  • A short recording from your office or home, explaining a key concept.
  • Guiding a student through their assignment, either as you mark it, or after you have finished marking.

Two examples

  1. An example of a short recording, or snippet made on a laptop from my office.
  2. An example of a simple recording made while ‘marking’, made using the Panopto app on an iPod touch. The ipod-holding contraption could have been to one side of the A4 sheet!
iPod touch app uploading a recording
Making and uploading a recording using the app
Recording uploaded.
Recording now uploaded – this can take some time, and the app must be running to upload.

Downloading Panopto to your device

The KentPlayer server at has software for PC or Mac, which can be downloaded and installed from the link at the top right of the screen.

A few guidelines:

  • Using video, for anyone unused to appearing in this way, can be daunting. But seeing the presenter is also, it seems (research is at an early stage) more engaging for an audience. Recording short pieces where you are comfortable is a good way to get used to appearing on video.
  • Test your setup. With a laptop you can immediately check what is displayed on camera. On a mobile device, orientation can be fiddly, so make a short recording to check it is portrait/landscape as you want it to be. Generally speaking, a mobile device will record in whichever orientation you last held it – so if it was last oriented portrait, it will record that way (here’s an example I couldn’t use!).
  • For advice and guidance, see the KentPlayer pages on the elearning website, or contact your FLT.

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