Graduate Jobs in Business for final year and MSc students

Most UK employers do not differentiate between final year and higher degree students at the entry-level stage, but may make adjustments after training. Positions are advertised all year round.

On this page:

  1. Jobs only for KBS graduates and postgraduates

  2. Jobs advertised at the University of Kent

  3. Graduate careers specialists (also tips and insights)

  4. Graduate job boards

  5. London-based

  6. Jobs in Kent, Essex, Surrey, and Sussex

  7. International jobs (working abroad)

  8. Sector specific jobs (accountancy, banking, HR, marketing, etc.)

  9. Using social media


1. Jobs for KBS graduates and postgraduates

Jobs exclusively for KBS graduates are posted here as blog-posts on the landing page.


2. Jobs advertised at the University of Kent – vacancies directly entered by employers looking for KBS and University of Kent graduates; the system is managed by the Careers and Employability Service (CES) who use the software from Graduate Prospects – this database is not to be confused with Graduate Prospects’ own system). You will need to sign-up when you use the system for the first time. See also for useful all-round job hunting resources.


3. Popular graduate job sites (with careers information)

(includes jobs and careers information, designed to help you make well-informed applications)
  • Graduate Prospects (sponsored by UK universities) – also look out for Types of Jobs – the profiles help you prepare for your application; the section on Entry Requirements is a must as you will find a list of skills that you need to match up to secure an interview; also Prospects Planner, if you’re unsure about what career might suit you)
  • Inside Careers (jobs and profiles for finance, banking, supply chain, IT and more)
  • Target Jobs (includes job profiles with lists of skills, also sector information and Career Report if you’re unsure about what career might suit you)
  • Milkround (search by sector, employer and location, also information and advice)
  • (search by sector, location, start date, closing date; employer info and advice)
  • RealWorld Magazine (includes international jobs)

4. Graduate job boards

The job boards listed below offer graduate entry-level jobs all year round.

  • Aspire Graduate Jobs, specialising in Media and Marketing Communications in the UK, e.g. PPC, digital marketing, media sales, digital sales, corporate sales, events, and property sales. Graduate Recruitment, London & Nationwide.
  • E-financial Careers (for investment banking and financial services jobs; IT)
  • Employment for Students – e4s – UK based recruitment site for graduate vacancies (and part-time jobs, internships, placements, gap year positions and more)
  • Fresh Minds (for commercial high fliers; executive, graduate and temporary jobs)
  • Graduate Jobs (largest independent graduate job board, large and small organisations across the whole of the UK and additional careers information/job hunting tips)
  • GraduateLand (EU-based site for EU and UK graduate jobs)
  • Graduate Recruitment (The Graduate Recruitment Company – specialising in graduate sales,media, digital media, finance, IT – primarily London and South East, Manchester and Midlands)
  • Indeed (start by typing Graduate Trainee into search box)
  • Inspiring Interns (for graduate-level jobs in London and the South East)
  • Jobs Go Public (UK public sector jobs)
  • Joblift  (a meta search engine, giving you all jobs in one place)
  • Jobbydoo (a meta-search engine, searching entire web for UK-based jobs and internships)
  • Pareto (primarily recruitment and training in sales)
  • Postgrad (specifically for postgraduates)
  • Reed (includes large graduate entry section into various fields, including accountancy, finance, IT, manufacturing and engineering)
  • Search4Graduates (supports companies operating within high-growth industries such as green technology, environmental, nanotechnology, biotech, space tourism, mobile, digital platforms, new energy, medical science, finance)
  • The Big Choice
  • Adzuna – a general site that trails the web on your behalf; include ‘graduate’ in your job-search


5. London-based Jobs


6. Jobs in Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex


7. International jobs

  • TargetJobs (detailed information about finding work in different countries)
  • Going Global (detailed information about finding work in different countries)
  • Graduate Land (EU-based site for EU & UK jobs)
  • InterGrad for graduate jobs in the UK and Europe


8. Sector-specific jobs

All-round information about employers
  • Student Ladder (for employer information, organized by sectors/employers)

Advertising, Media and Marketing Communications

Banking & Finance

Human Resources


  • (careers information, employers, recruitment agencies for marketing, advertising, PR; marketer jobs board for different marketing roles)

Public Relations


9. Using Social Media

  • Facebook – search for specific employers and interest group pages in your field (an example would be the facebook page for finance internships in the City of London)
  • LinkedIn (use different phrases to widen results, e.g. business graduate scheme; marketing training etc.)
  • Twitter (Twitter’s job site)
  • WikiJob (includes useful for interview and assessment centre insights)

Disclaimer: Liability is not accepted for the content of any of the sites listed above. Please let me know, if any links are not working any longer – email Irena Jennings.