Templeman Library fully opens

The Templeman Library’s new main entrance

The Templeman Library is open across all four floors!

Two years ago, the centre of the Library closed for refurbishment as part of the Templeman Library Development project. Now it’s open again, with new study spaces and service locations. We’re still completing some moves and changes in time for the start of term, but we encourage you to come and have a look.

Here are the main changes you’ll see around the building.

New main entrance

The main entrance is in the centre of the building, facing Senate. It’s open whenever the Library is open, and the new Library Road entrance will open soon.

New blocks and entrances in the Templeman Library



New location names

Now that the Library is joined together, the sections of the building are called Blocks A, B, C and D – no more Templeman West and East!

Help desks move

The Welcome Desk is now next to the main entrance in Block C. The IT & Library Support Desk is in Block C, Floor 1. The Loan Desk has merged with the IT & Library Support Desk – so you can ask there for help with finding and borrowing books, as well as IT support.

The IT & Library Support Desk in its new location


Stairs from the Ground Floor

The stairs between the Ground Floor and Floor 1 in Block A are closed to keep our book collections secure. There are stairs near the new main entrance and in Block D. There are two lifts near the Main Entrance in Block C, plus a lift at each end of the building.

Book moves

We’ve moved all the Core Text Collection books into the Main Collection, so all the books for your subject are together and easier to browse. We’re also moving some books to new locations and onto lower, more accessible shelving. For help finding books, check LibrarySearch or ask a member of staff. Return your books on the Ground Floor in Block C, near the Welcome Desk.

The new main entrance and Welcome Desk
Larger café area

There is loads more seating around the Library Café – perfect for informal and group work.

Laptop loans have moved

The laptop cabinets have moved  to Block B, Ground Floor (in the café area) and Block C, Floor 2.

New teaching spaces

Rooms surrounding the Lecture Theatre, on the Ground Floor of Block A, which used to be staff offices, will become teaching rooms from September.

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  1. Thank you for the update about the library. As an alumni, what is closest to my heart, as well as mind, is to have full access to the library as I had as a student. I am attempting to put together an independent research project to propose to various institutions, as well as continue my professional development. University of Kent can only gain KUDOS for giving database access to alumni. I am sure this would facilitate the advancement of my career and impact growth in my profession.

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