Templeman Library Development – what’s new?

Concrete fins on the Library's new Main Entrance
Concrete fins on the Library’s new Main Entrance

The refurbishment of the Templeman Library is progressing steadily. The East is now lighter and brighter with new windows and 75 more study spaces. The closed central section is being completed this summer, ready to use in September, when Phase II of the project finishes.

What will be different from September?

Full internal access – the whole Library will be joined up, so you’ll be able to access all resources, study spaces and services without going outside!

New names for spaces – with the Library joined together, we’ll no longer call the different sections Templeman West and Templeman East. Instead, to help you find your way around, the four sections of the building will be called blocks A, B, C and D.

4 entrances  there will be four fully accessible entrances around the building.

The current temporary Templeman East entrance closes – the East Help Point will merge with the IT & Library Support Desks in block C.

IT & Library Support – the help desks will move to Floor 1, block C.

New welcome hall – the main entrance will open onto a bright welcome hall, where you can access the upper floors through wider staircases and new lifts.

New group study rooms – these will be available to book from September.

8 new seminar rooms – these rooms in block A (Templeman West extension) will change into extra study space during the Easter vacation and summer term.

Study zone changes  from September, the only marked zones will be Silent study zones. All other areas will be for quiet or group study.

The new North Entrance under construction
The new North Entrance under construction

What has already been completed?

Here’s a recap of what’s already happened. The extension to Templeman West (Phase I of the Templeman Library Development) opened in September 2015. It gave us:

  • 5000 more square metres of floor space
  • 250 extra study spaces
  • a 260-seat lecture theatre, for teaching and conferences
  • a new Special Collections & Archives Reading Room
  • an exhibitions gallery
  • a larger café
  • efficient and flexible heating and lighting
  • a technology-rich environment to support our students and researchers.

What happens next?

Planning is well underway for the final phase (Phase III) of the development. It is planned to begin in September 2018.

This will cover the rest of the unrefurbished parts of the original building, and will bring all spaces up to a higher standard. The building and our collections will become more accessible and comfortable, with lower shelving, and improved furniture, lifts, heating and lighting systems.

Once this phase is complete, the Library will have 1812 study spaces.

Find out more

Read the Templeman Library Development web pages for more information and a virtual tour of the new Templeman Library.

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    1. There will be 4 lifts in total:
      – 2 in the centre, in the new entrance hall (block C), with access to all floors
      – 1 in Templeman East (block D) with access to all floors
      – 1 in the north-west corner of the Templeman West extension (block A), which will change to access floors 1-3 only.

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