Templeman Library Development update


Thank you for being patient with the building work in the Templeman Library over the last year. Here’s an update on what’s happening and what you can expect in 2017.

In the centre of the Library, work continues and the new entrances are being formed. The work on the centre is due to finish in June 2017. We’re planning to move in during the summer, so it will be ready for you to use in the autumn term. Watch a virtual tour of the new centre.

In the next few months we will refurbish the centre of the Library, creating more study spaces and a light, spacious and welcoming new entrance hall.


Templeman East now has new windows. The scaffolding is coming down, and the temporary walls inside the building are starting to be removed. This means there will be more natural daylight in Templeman East, and you’ll be able to use the study spaces near the windows, which are currently blocked off. A further 75 study spaces will become available.

Is the Library too noisy?

We’ve tried to schedule the loudest building work so it happens out of term time, but sometimes it does get noisy in the Library. If it disturbs you, you could:

  • Work in the quietest parts of the Library, furthest from the centre: the Templeman West extension and the PC rooms in Templeman East
  • Plan your visit to avoid the loudest times: building work usually takes place between 08:00–16:00 Monday–Friday.
  • Try using a study hub or PC room
  • Read more tips on making best use of Templeman West and East


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