EBL becomes Ebook Central: 7000 of our e-books are getting even easier to use

Around 7,000 of our e-books are provided by a service called EBL (EBook Library). They cover all subject areas.

On the evening of Tuesday 4 October these books are moving to a new and better interface: Ebook Central.

The move should be completely seamless, and we’ve been told there will be no interruption.

What’s new?

  • More intuitive interface
  • Better experience using these books on your phone or tablet
  • You can copy or print a larger percentage of these books (unless the publisher restricts this):
    • print: 40%
    • copy: 20%

How do I access them?

They are all in LibrarySearch, just search and open your e-books as normal.

You can also access them directly from these pages (we’ll change the name to Ebooks Central after the move):

As with all our e-books, we recommend the Read Online option if you have a stable internet connection.

To download them to your own device you’ll still need Adobe Digital Editions

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