Work Experience at The Writer

The University has been contacted by The Writer, a brand language consultancy based in London. Read on if you would be interested in a two-day work experience placement in April.

Work experience, but not as you know it

Work experience. Chances are the last time you were roped into work experience, you were at school. A week-long stint somewhere obscure that may or may not have had anything to do with your studies.

Thankfully, our work experience is a little different. It’s two days of writing exercises, fun things to get you thinking and lots more to show you that a career in writing isn’t just for journalists or publishers.

You’ll get a taste of agency life at Writer HQ, right next to London’s Borough Market. And if you’re extra brilliant, we might invite you back for a paid internship (and even a job).

It’s for you if:

  • you’re in your second year (but we don’t mind too much, if you’re not)
  • you already write for your course
  • you write in your spare time too
  • you’re a bit of a word geek
  • you’re free Thursday 12th and Friday 13th April.

Got 300 words up your sleeve?

Head to our website for all the details, put together 300 words on why we should pick you and apply here. You’ve got until Friday 23rd March.

Last, but not least, who are we again?

The Writer is the world’s largest brand language consultancy. We work with companies all over the world to get their words working harder. We help brands stand out from their competitors, improve how they deal with customers, shape their culture, and even make and save them cold, hard cash.

We’ve shown O2 how to ‘Be more dog’, come up with the latest names for the Lynx bodyspray your little brother probably wears, and helped define how Barbie should sound on Facebook. And we’ve trained over 250,000 people in how to write professionally, with personality.

Find out more about The Writer on our website, say hello on Twitter or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Opportunity with the National Trust – Bodiam Castle

The management team of the National Trust at Bodiam Castle in East Susses has advertised a unique opportunity for one or two students to enrich their knowledge and understanding of how museums or heritage bodies work.

They are looking for students to become members of the Bodiam Advisory Committee, taking a role in decision-making about the Castle and experiencing first hand how the National Trust works with inherited bodies.

Any student interested in a future within museums or heritage will gain enormous insights into the way heritage charities work with trustees and similar bodies. For example, they will gain first-hand understanding of the pressures to conserve and protect the built and landscape environments, whilst also raising necessary funds to carry out such work.

The committee helps the National Trust protect the castle, given to the nation by Lord Curzon. Bodiam is a fascinating site, which, as well as being a fourteenth-century moated castle, includes within its landscape evidence of a key Neolithic, then Roman, then Medieval, cross roads; a Roman Fort; and evidence of medieval fish and Mill ponds. Its wharf area was once a thriving port and it is still possible to travel by boat to Bodiam Castle.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Dr Michele Moatt at with your CV and a statement of interest.

Kent Union – Jobshop services

Kent Union is holding a workshop on how to find a part-time job with the use of services offered by the Jobshop, and how to make yourself more competitive when looking for a job with tips on CVs and covering letters. They will also be talking about the Employability Points scheme and the benefits it offers.

The workshop will be held this week, and again next week:

If you can’t attend either session, you can read more about the Jobshop in the guest post Damian Harateh, the Jobshop student ambassador, wrote a few weeks ago.

Erasmus+ Graduate Internships

The European Commission offers Erasmus+ funding for recent graduates to carry out graduate internships.

Eligible activity
The internship must be related to your degree in some way. You will be asked to provide a supporting statement in the application for funding explaining how it is related and what the expected benefits are.

The internship must take place in an Erasmus+ programme country: ie an EU member state or Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia or Turkey. Internships in the UK are not eligible because you are studying at a UK institution.

Internships must be between two months and twelve months long.
Graduate internships must be completed within one year of the date you have been notified by Kent that you have achieved your degree and will graduate.
If you received Erasmus+ funding during your final year, e.g. for a Term Abroad, that period will be taken into account with the Graduate Internship; so if you completed a Term Abroad which lasted three months in your final year, then the Graduate internship would be a maximum of nine months.

The grant rates are set by the European Commission each year, taking into account the cost of living in the host countries. We will be notified of the grant rates for 2018-19 in due course. As an indicator, the grant rates for 2017-18 are as follows:
Country where the internship takes place

Grant amount

  • Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – € 380 per month
  • Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden – € 430 per month

Contact the Erasmus Team at as early as possible. You must apply during your final year of study at Kent. Applications cannot be considered after graduation.

Careers in Diplomacy: An Introductory Workshop

  • 1pm, Wednesday 21st February
  • Grimond Seminar Room 8

 Are you interested in a career in diplomacy or international affairs? The School of Politics and International Relations is delighted to welcome former UK Ambassador Owen Traylor to co-deliver a workshop introducing this fascinating field – he will also be available to answer your questions about the life of a diplomat! All are welcome.

Enactus competition – sustainable business and volunteer ideas

Every year, Enactus teams from universities all over the UK come together in London to present their newest ideas for self-sustainable business and volunteer projects. Each team presents the work they’ve accomplished throughout the year in front of a panel of judges made up of Enactus sponsors like KPMG, Tesco, AIG, EY, Unilever etc.

As it includes presentations requiring public speaking skills and answering questions in front of a panel of judges, this experience is a great opportunity that can add value to the student’s CV as well. In addition to this, participants will be able to meet prospective employers as there will be a dedicated Careers Fair at the event which will include many of the Enactus UK sponsors (a complete list of sponsors can be found here).

Enactus Kent is looking for students to join their team to prepare for the 2018 regional and national Enactus competitions.

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Careers in the Public Sector

6pm-8pm, Weds 21st Feb

Mooting Chamber, Wigoder Building

There are 1000’s of rewarding roles in the Public Sector that allow you to develop and improve the lives of people in the UK and around the world. The Public Sector graduate recruitment is highly competitive and often substantially different to those of the Private Sector. The event will look at the variety of roles, tips to succeed in application and give real life experience in working across the public sector from KLS Alumni who have pursued careers in the Public Sector.

Speakers include:

  • Daniel Malynn – Generalist Fast Streamer in the Civil Service
  • Lucie Broad – Adjudicator at the Financial Ombudsman Service
  • Daniel Pollitt – Scheme Project Manager at Network Rail

Big Ideas Competition 2018

Enter the Big Ideas competition with the Hub for Innovation and Enterprise!

Do you have an idea for a business?

Big Ideas is a competition where students are evaluated on a business idea and pitch. Business ideas may come from any sector, including social enterprises, and the competition welcomes students from all degrees of study.

A winning student, or  team, will represent the University in the prestigious VT KnowledgeWorks Competition in Virginia, USA in August 2018, with a chance of winning $25,000! Transportation and accommodation will be provided.

The winning student or team will also receive a working space on the Hub for Innovation and Enterprise Start-Up Scheme, all services/rents paid for one year, as well as a business mentor from Santander Bank.

Students can submit entries individually or work in teams. More than one entry can be submitted by a team or individual. Students can seek advice from the Hub for Innovation and Enterprise team throughout the application process, this includes business advice sessions. The deadline for the initial business plan submission is on the 28th February.

Put your thinking cap on and start generating some ideas – remember to be innovative and think BIG.

Link to application:

Read on for a guest blog post written by Saga Rad, a former winner of the Big Ideas competition.

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Psychometric Testing and Assessment Centre Skills workshop

Psychometric Testing and Assessment Centre Skills workshop with HM Treasury

Wednesday 21st February at 10am

Psychometric testing and assessment centres are common methods that many employers use during their recruitment process. A team from HM Treasury department is coming to the campus next Wednesday, to allow you to practice the tests and learn what to expect and how to prepare.

Attend this session and earn yourself 10 employability points! Open to all students.

To sign up please email: Once signed up, the room will be confirmed.

FDM Assessment Centre Skills Workshop

The FDM Group and the School of Economics will be running a session on assessment centre skills next Friday (16th February) at 12noon. Many graduate recruiters and graduate schemes use assessment centres in their recruitment process, and this will be a great opportunity to learn hints and tips about how to navigate this kind of application and assessment process. Attending this session will also earn you 10 Employability Points.

FDM Group is a global professional services provider, specialising in training and providing consultants in IT and business. They receive over 30,000 graduate applications every year and are at the forefront of cutting edge recruitment and selection techniques.

Note: you must book at place at this workshop in order to attend, as spaces are limited. Please email to book a place.