What’s going on ‘downstairs’?

With an ageing population and the effects of today’s lifestyle, urology conditions, diseases and cancers are becoming more prevalent. The Urology Foundation is spreading knowledge of urology health, breaking down the stigma associated with many of its conditions and persuading people to talk about these issues. 


Email Link: http://www.theurologyfoundation.org/urologyhealth


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World Hepatitis Day (WHD) takes places every year on 28 July and brings the world together under a single theme to raise awareness of the global burden of viral hepatitis and to influence real change.


Email Link: http://www.worldhepatitisday.org/en/2017-campaign

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What is One You?

Around 40% of all deaths in England are related to everyday habits and behaviors – such as eating too much unhealthy food, drinking too much alcohol, not being active enough or continuing to smoke. They also cost the NHS more than £11 billion every year.  By encouraging the nation’s adults to take control of their health by eating a healthier diet, drinking less alcohol, exercising more, and quitting smoking, One You will help them enjoy longer and healthier lives.


Email link: https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou#5cOMF53Y1E1VulBS.97



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Sun Safety

It’s time for us to get our annual dose of sunshine!! But make sure you take care while you’re out basking in the rays- too much sun can make you unwell.  Click on the link below for more information?


Email Links: Staying Healthy in the Sun




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Summer Snack Inspiration

It’s BBQ season and we’re all looking forward to a jug of Pimms in the sunshine. But just because the sun’s come out, it doesn’t mean healthy eating has to go out the window. Try some of these delicious hot weather treats…


Email Links:



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Diet and Weightloss

So now’s the time that you suddenly realise that you didn’t stick to that diet you started at new year and you’ve got 2 months to get yourself looking good for your holiday.  Do you want to try a new way of eating that really works?  Do you want to look better and have more energy??  Do you want to live longer and feel healthier??? Then take a look at this…


Email link: https://thebloodsugardiet.com/what-is-the-blood-sugar-diet-bsd/

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Hay Fever season approaches

The hay fever season starts in Mid-May when tree pollen is released, through the summer with grass pollen and even into the autumn when weed pollen is released. Although hay fever cannot be cured the symptoms can be treated. For more information about hay fever and the treatments available, click on the links below.




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Flu symptoms and other advice

Is it a nasty cold or the flu? To find out the symptoms of the flu and discover other useful facts follow the link.



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Keeping well in winter

For advice from the NHS on how to keep well this winter and protect yourself against seasonal ailments, click on the link below.



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Six steps to getting more active

For tips on how to get more activity in your life, and other healthy lifestyle advice, follow the link:




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