Hello Marhaba
Goodbye Wada’an
Yes Na’am
No Laa
Please Arjook
Thank you Shokran
Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Wahad, Ethnan, Thalatha, Arba’a, khamsa, seta, sab’a, thamania, tes’a, ashara
How are you? kayfa haluka
I am fine / good / stressed/ tired Ana jayed/ jayed/ morhaq/ ta’ban
* Fine and good has the same meaning in Arabic
I am fine. And you? Ana Jayed. wa ant?
What course do you study? Ma howa majal derasatok?
What is your name? Ma howa esmok?
My name is….. Esme howa…
What are you cooking? Maza tatho?
It smells nice!/ It looks good! Raehatoho tayeba!/ Mazharowo Jayed!
What have you done today?/ What have you been up to today?
Maza fa’alt alyoum?/ Maza kont taf’al alyoum?
The weather is cold/ hot/ good/ bad/ windy today
Al jaw bared/har/jayed/saye’/asef al youm
It is raining outside Al jow momter fe al kharej
Would you like to go on a date? Hal toreed al zahab fe mawed?
Would you like to go for a drink/ food/ coffee/ to town?
Hal toreed an tazhab le sharab/ ta’am/ qahwa/ fe al balad?
Do you have any hobbies? Hal ladayka mawaheb?
Do you like football/ basketball/ reading/ tennis/ partying/ films/ music/ drama/
Hal toheb/ korat al kadam/ korat al sala/ al motal’a/ korat al madreb/ al hafalat/ al aflam/ al moseka/ al drama/
Do you have any brothers or sisters? Hal ladayka okhwa ow akhawat?
I have… laday…
Where is….the washing machines/ the cash point/ the bank/ the bus stop/ the library
Ayna….. al gasalah/ noqtat al tasreef/ al masref/ mowqef al bas/ al maktaba
Do you have facebook? Hal ladyka facebook?
Would you like to try some food? Hal toreed tanawol ba’d al ta’am?
Would you like a drink? Hal toreed an tashrab?
Can you show me how it works? (for the washing machines, cooker etc)
Hal tastatee’ an toreene kayfa ta’mal?
I don’t understand La afham
I am sorry Ana asef
Can you help me please?! Hal tastatee’ mosa’adate?! lol
Of course tab’an
Don’t mention it La tazkor zalek..


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