This is the website of the Cultural Criminology team at the University of Kent, UK. 

The aim is to provide a general introductory resource for those interested in cultural criminology.

Culturalcriminology.org is co-ordinated out of the University of Kent by Dr. Keith Hayward

What is cultural criminology?

Cultural criminology is a theoretical, methodological and interventionist approach to the study of crime and deviance that places criminality and its control in the context of culture; that is, it views crime and the agencies and institutions of crime control as cultural products – as creative constructs. As such they must be read in terms of the meanings they carry. Furthermore, cultural criminology seeks to highlight the interaction between two key elements: the relationship between cultural constructions upwards and cultural constructions downwards. Its focus is always upon the continuous generation of meaning around interaction; rules created, rules broken, a constant interplay of moral entrepreneurship, political innovation and transgression.