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CMS project update

Our CMS live server is almost ready! Ben, Darren and John spent a day in the hub to set up all the necessary infrastructure for our live Drupal server. Phill is now almost ready to migrate our current Durpal installations from Droplet to the new servers.

We have also prioritised the content factory work. Since Simon and Matt Spence have been seconded to the List8D project for the next two months, we have needed to sharpen our focus to make sure that we can still deliver the most important aspects of the content factories. We are having a 5 day CMS scrum in the Hub from 21st – 27th January to try to take a big chunk out of this work.

We are currently working on the following:

Programmes factory:

  • Mark Fendley is making very good progress on the Drupal export to Quark. This will enable the printed post graduate printed prospectus to be generated by a one-click export from Drupal. The post graduate prospectus is undergoing a design change by Uffindel West at the moment, so there will be an additional piece of work to ensure we can cater for the new design.
  • The central programmes pages ( are being created by Matt Bull.
  • The modules snippet will be released with the Pantheon Baccus template soon.
  • We will be working on generating a Quark file for the printed modules catalogue using XTags for March.
  • The final work on the modules factory has been defined and we need to decide the best way to take this forward.

Publicity factory

  • The news factory is due to be piloted by C&DO very soon after the live hardware is ready. Matt Spence is meeting with Miles to iron out any last wrinkles so they can start using it to produce a live news feed for the University.
  • The events calendar will be the next development. We are planning a meeting to include stakeholders from around the the University to feed into the requirements
  • The Announcements work is on hold at the moment, though Matt Spence has some good ideas for some quick developments on this, we will need to find the time to actually develop it.

Profiles factory

  • Scoping and planning work continues on the Profiles factory. Once we are clearer on this, we hope to begin the technical work later in the year.

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