Extras Needed!

Opportunity for extras in a ‘You and I Protect’ movement video

The video will promote the ‘You and I Protect’ movement that aims to empower students to intervene safely and with confidence and challenge inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment. The video will be approximately 2 minutes long and will feature three scenarios: one in Venue, one in K-Bar and one on a bus. Extras will just need to be in the background.

Filming will take place on Friday 8 September 10.00am – 5.00pm and we need extras for: 

·         Scene in the Venue – attire club wear

·         Scene in K-Bar – casual wear

·         Scene on the bus – coats/normal wear

All participants will get a £15 Amazon voucher. Students do not need to stay whole day. 

Anyone interested should contact: R.Wilkinson-424@kent.ac.uk


TEDxUniversityofKent Event 13th May 2017

Saturday 13th May, 10am, The Gulbenkian Theatre

TED is a nonprofit organisation devoted to spreading ideas and celebrating a multi-disciplinary environment; this usually takes the form of short powerful talks by a variety of people with innovative and enlightening perspectives. TEDx events, like ours, are independently run events licenced by TED and put together by a group of dedicated volunteers who in this case are students, alumni and community members.

The TEDxUniversityofKent team have been working hard since September to raise funds to organise an event which dives into the theme of The Unexplored. Many acclaimed academics, students and members of the local community will be coming forward to share their exciting and innovative ideas.

They include:

  • Richard Misek – a leading film-maker and academic that teaches at the University of Kent
  • Nicole Brown – a doctoral researcher at the University of Kent and lecturer in Education, and Programme Leader for Secondary Teacher Education Programme at University College London’s Insitute of Education
  • Rob Bryne– a Social Sciences Student exploring the impact of ‘safe spaces’ on freedom of speech on campus
  • Tim Marris – a registered Osteopath with 39 years clinical experience who is exploring how many people get out of step with time in their thinking, becoming ‘past or future thinkers’.
  • Jayne Lawson – the Central Manager of the HEAT project, which is dedicated to using data to target, monitor and evaluate outreach programmes in Higher Education.

There are more on the list waiting to share their ideas with you and we have many activities planned throughout the day for our visitors to get involved in and discover what the theme of the unexplored means to them.

Tickets can be purchased here and all funds contribute to the running of the event: https://uk.patronbase.com/_Gulbenkian/Sections/Choose?prod_id=CDN&perf_id=2  


**ALSO TEDX IS STILL LOOKING FOR DRAMA AND THEATRE STUDENTS TO ASSIST WITH TECHNICAL – if this interests anyone please contact Maisie Ann Golding on goldingma@gmail.com.



Canterbury Shakespeare Festival 2017 Acting Auditions

CSF is proud to be hosting auditions for its third year of Shakespeare productions. Come along to the University of Kent to get involved. You will not need to prepare anything, just bring comfortable clothes and water.

Auditions will be held in hourly slots. There will be four slots on Friday 7th April, starting at 18.00, 19.00, 20.00 and 21.00 hrs. They will continue through Saturday from 12.00 – 16.00 hrs, with recalls being held both on the Saturday and the Sunday (12.00 – 16.00hrs). You will be contacted separately via email if you are required for any recalls.

Unfortunately, you must be 18 or over to audition for the festival.

The shows will run between Friday 4th August and Sunday 20th August (inclusive), beginning with the first full-scale production on the Friday.

Here is a list of the productions:
‘Julius Caesar’, directed by Elliot Huxtable – full-scale production
‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, directed by Stephanie Randlesome and Luke Anthony – full-scale production
‘Othello’, directed by Tom Houlton – full-scale production
‘Cymbeline’, directed by Elizabeth Mae Hagen – full-scale production
‘Shakespeare’s Thatcher’, written & directed by Ciaran Barata-Hynes – experimental production (NO AUDITION)
‘Claudius’, adapted & directed by Ollie Graveson & Aimee Vient – experimental production

Audition Locations:
Friday 7th April 18.00-22.00 – Cornwallis Building; Seminar Rooms 5-9.
Saturday 8th April 12.00-16.00 – Eliot College Cloister Rooms, located at the bottom of Eliot College surrounding the courtyard space.
Sunday 9th April 12.00-16.00 – Eliot College Cloister Rooms, located at the bottom of Eliot College surrounding the courtyard space.

There will be memebers of the CSF team around to show you where you to go. There will also be signs up to help you locate us.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s auditions. It promises to be our best year yet!

Join the Facebook Event

‘Talk’ by Mark Wilson Information Session

The Canterbury Players are holding an information evening for their summer production (‘Talk’ by Mark Wilson) next week and all are welcome to come along!

About the play:

“Hell must be a heart filled with unheard stories…”

Bethlem Royal Hospital, the Criminal Wing for the Insane. 1854. Two Doctors, Charles Hood and George Haydon, are angered by the cruel, inhumane treatment of patients. They struggle to reform old fashioned attitudes with more a progressive outlook. Care rather than restraint. Talking rather than punishment. Their relationship becomes increasingly strained as Haydon adopts a more radical approach, now known as psychotherapy.

Two patients, Richard and Emily, are caught in the middle as they attempt to demonstrate their innovative theories and battle with the repressive authorities. Emily, a bright and brilliant poet has been wrongly incarcerated by her domineering husband. Richard, a talented artist suffers from psychosis and wrestles with a history that haunts him. Both have been banished from the world.

We watch their struggle to find a voice amidst the roar and clamour of madness, both from outside and within. Will Talking ease their troubled minds or crack them completely?

In a time blighted by NHS cuts to mental health care, Talk is at once a scathing rebuke of treatment of the mentally ill in the past, and a moving and thought-provoking story about how we inter-relate and connect with one another in the present.


Auditions will be in April and the performances will be 27 – 29 July in the Marlowe Studio.

More info on the Facebook event

Olivedog Productions Looking for Plays to Open New Season

University of Kent Post-graduate Company Olivedog Productions are currently looking for short plays to open their new season.

They are looking for 20 – 30 minute short plays of any genre to be involved in their next project for next term.

All scripts will be read by the team with two being chosen for the project. If picked it will open the new season and be filmed in a NT live style to be distributed digitally, making it perfect for show-reels or any enquiries about your work in your future careers.

The deadline for work is flexible but they would prefer if all submissions were as soon as possible, so they have time to read and sort out dates for later in the process.

Please send your work with the title of the play and your name and preferable contact details to: olivedogproductions@gmail.com


Actors wanted – 4 (1 male and 3 female) or (2 male and 2 female)

Character description –

Oli (male) – a soft, quiet character who sports a strong tough physique. He someone who is struggling with what to do after uni. The uncertainty causes anxiety in him and creates friction between him and his girlfriend (Alex).

Alex (female) – a strong and well-spoken girl who has a plan for almost everything, her flaw is her unwillingness to change her plans for anyone. She loves her boyfriend but is unsure of how to deal with his problems and this causes her to think about the future they have.

Ezra (female/male) – A happy-go-lucky character who is dating Morgan. She/he is the adult within their relationship and also within the group dynamic. She/he offers wise words that more often than not get ignored by the ones she offers them too which causes hints of frustration.

Morgan (female) – A girl who cherishes her alcohol a little too much, rarely seen without a drink in her hand. She refuses to admit she has a problem and brushes off any forms of sympathy offered her way. She loves her girlfriend (Ezra) and her other 2 friends so much, she would do anything to help them, but refuses the help herself.

Dates of filming – Week 20.

Commitment of time required – 3 days shoot

Dates of auditions – 2 & 3 March 2017 ( AUDITIONS IN Jarman 6  on Friday between 3-4pm PLEASE COME UP )

Please contact : Sammy Bradshaw (sb870) sb870@kent.ac.uk

Actors Needed

Viewfinders Film-making Society are looking for actors in for their upcoming short film Courier – A Crime Drama.

They are auditioning for four main roles, with six background roles which will not have their own audition but are available.

Main Roles:

  • Joel – Protagonist; main character.
  • TJ – Joel’s friend, gets him the job, becomes more distant as the story progresses.
  • Frankie – Joel’s girlfriend, the reason he is working for criminals, she is ill and needs his constant help. Joel becomes more distant from her as the job start to take over more of his life.
  • Detective Smith – the Leader investigator against the drug group.


Background Roles:

  • Two employees
  • Second Officer
  • Three Undercover cops


Times of Auditions:

  • Detective 12-1
  • TJ 1-2
  • Joel 2-3
  • Frankie 3-4
  • Joel and Frankie Joint 4-5


Date and Location:

KS15, 5th March 

Please look at the event for directions.

Please be aware that these are just estimations of time.

Please arrive at least 15 minute before.


If you wish to attend, please mark as attending on the event and state the role you are going to audition for.

Actors Wanted

Actors wanted for a short film with no dialogue about the concept of walking in somebody else’s shoes. Filming will be over two days in the next two weeks (20th February – 1st March).

If you’re interested, please email asap sr616@kent.ac.uk to arrange a time to meet for auditions (Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd but there is flexibility if you cannot make these days).

Searching for the following:

  • Young female actress (18-21) who is going to be the lead
  • Tall thin actress to play a traditionally attractive character
  • Male drag queen
  • Young man to play a chavvy character
  • Actress who looks older than 20 to play a celebrity
  • Skinny young male to play a bullied character
  • Extras able to express variety of reactions